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"Can't stop breathing fire all over villages? Scaring off peasants when you just wanted to say hello? Quench your dragon-sized thirst with a refreshing Gallant-Pop!"

Leona usually resorts to bone-headed ways of resolving problems, but this time, drinking soda is a much easier way of slaying the dragon xD

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Lmao, love this.
Monstergirl2013's avatar
This actually made me laugh out loud. It's just too cute for words!

EDIT: Any chances of getting this as a t-shirt?
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Thank you! Unfortunately the file size for this drawing is too small for an all over print shirt >_< Sorry about that.

If you still want one, I can possibly cut out the figures and ditch the background, or I could make a cutout border around the image.
Monstergirl2013's avatar
 Oh,um to be honest I wasn't expecting a reply. My funds have flown the coop since I posted due to the holiday season. But I would love to know how much you'd want for a shirt with just the characters. I would be interested in picking it sometime in the new year. 

As an aside have you considered using a service like to turn your art into merch? I don't know how the behind the scenes on those service work but what I've seen of your gallery is the kind of neat off beat style that people are in love with right now.
Anyways happy holidays and thank you for contacting me ^-^
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Haha, no problem! I have a Society6 store with prices: Let me know if there's a product you want ^..^
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Make love, not war(craft).
FloatingNut's avatar
can't really tell where she's standing on ground
FloatingNut's avatar
Everything is good except for the background.
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haha so cute! really beautiful though :) 
PlasticSinks's avatar
Amazing and incredibly cute at the same time xd :3
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"I shall name you muffin."

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awwwww, so cute and epic at the same time! I'm in love with you and your style :love:
FoalFire's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Abby from NCIS with her KAF-POW, and if she were to run into a dragon xD
Paddyssis2706's avatar
How long did it take you guys to notice the drink?
SewannaGreenDV's avatar
Nie ma to jak ugasić pragnienie :D
Ponownie przepraszam za polski... :(
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That is pretty bone-headed. Refreshing, too, in more ways than one.

There are just so many other beautifully rendered serious dragon pictures XD I love the twist!
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Haha thank you! I wanted to put a silly spin on a typical dragon picture x3
Ou-ren's avatar
Fun times XD

It's good to turn old tropes on their heads sometimes, ahaha.
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This is a masterpiece!
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