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The Prey and the Hunter

By nakanoart
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Sometimes it's hard to tell who's who.

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Caimsen's avatar
Well, she skinned him and is wearing his skin as a coat. I think we know very well who is the hunter.
atani4312's avatar
I'll admit, coming here from the Cerberus training pic, my first thought was: 'is that the Nemean Lion?' And then I read the comments...mildly disappointed it wasn't the Nemean Lion, but oh well, it's awesome art all the same.
nakanoart's avatar
But Hercules already got his new hat, so this girl needs to wear something else haha.
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
Is there a symbolism or hidden meaning behind the six eyed wolf?
nakanoart's avatar
Nah, I just wanted to make it a little different than a normal wolf xD
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
Oh, okay. I asked, because I've been seeing/hearing 6-eye'd wolf more lately.
nakanoart's avatar
This is totally the OG six-eyed wolf :D
Wanderer-Sky's avatar
So beautiful Heart Heart 
DLPP's avatar
Did she slay it her self?
Izzora's avatar
I saw this picture shared on, and I am so happy that I managed to finally find you and your work! This particular piece helped inspire a type of creature in a book series I'm writing, called a Shadow Beast (very plain name for now). They are these black panther's with manes like lions, two tails and six eyes (3 on each side). They also happen to go invisible if they touch shadows. And it's so funny that the girl in this piece happens to look somewhat like the main character named Makatsa (she's got electric blue eyes, tan skin and her facial features are sharper) whose animal companion is a shadow beast named Jougan. :'D

Thank you for inspiring me! I'm simply in awe of your work.
nakanoart's avatar
Waaa I'm so happy to hear that, I'm glad I was able to inspire you ;-; I wish you good luck with your book! The best part is that distributing literature is so fun and easy now with the internet ^..^
Lucain24's avatar
o///o well wow. that's amazing
Bannikure's avatar
I see u reach Art skill of that deyond super art god! (DBS)
Merry Cmas!
nakanoart's avatar
Aw thank you xD that reminds me, I should start watching that series again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Bannikure's avatar
Yeah!... U should it real good!

And thanks!!!

IvyHikari's avatar
Are you taking requests?
nakanoart's avatar
I don't take requests, sorry ^..^;
GimmeYaoi25's avatar
Great work here!
MoonMan7885's avatar
This is awesome!!
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