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The Key to Your Heart - Steps

Here is another step-by step process with description for one of my drawings <3 I hope this is helpful for someone out there; feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have!

Original: The Key to Your Heart by nakanoart

NOTE: I used Photoshop for this drawing, but any other program will work fine. As long as it has layers with the same modes and options.

From left to right:
STEP ONE: Start with some lineart on its own layer. I used pencil lineart that I scanned in and cleaned up. I also locked the layer transparency and colored it in a warm hue (I'm allergic to using black lineart in colored artwork, lol).

STEP TWO: Make a second layer for color underneath the lineart layer. This is where those coloring book skills come in handy! Try to keep it inside the lines and use a neutral color of your choice, then lock the transparency on this layer as well. Also, go back to the line art layer and set the mode to "multiply".

STEP THREE: Back on the color layer, start working in the hues you want. Don't worry about being messy at this step, just focus on hues and values.

STEP FOUR: Next, duplicate the color layer, fill it in with a cool hue, set it to multiply and rename it "shadow" (if you want). Then unlock the layer transparency and erase the section that you want light to fall upon.

STEP FIVE: Go back to the color layer and start defining the light portions. Add depth with reflections and shine over glossy areas.

STEP SIX: Merge the shadow and color layer and continue to define the drawing. At this point I decided I didn't like the direction of the highlight, so I re-positioned it. I also made the face a bit warmer in hue.

STEP SEVEN: OPTIONAL: Add some blur to the drawing to give it depth; I chose to add some to the edge of her body, as well as some dust with light reflected off it. I really wanted to blur her hand to show that it's closer to the viewer than the rest of her body, but I felt like I lost too much detail when I went all-out. So I only did so very slightly.

FINISHED!: Add some final tweaks to make it unique and yours! I like to add some paper textures and such.

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upper right picture would make a yandere.
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I wish i could draw like this!
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Stuck at reaching step 1
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So awesome!!! I love this :D
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So cool! Amazing work!
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If I can make it to 4, I'll finally feel a little better about myself lol. Thanks for posting!
Cool. Thanks for the steps. It's looks soo good
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This is beautiful. And extremely helpful. I'm really wanting to dive into digital paint more and love these types of tutorials. Very simple, which allow it to be applied to multiple types of programs. Thank you
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This is amazing ;-;
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nakanoart be like: "F**k the keyhole pupil. A heart it's cuter."
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This is amazing.

I mean the message behind that lovely piece :o
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Wow amazing concept :) and colors
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Man wish i got draw like that :P 
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step 4 looks creepy in a good way
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looked at this and my reaction after seeing the light and keyhole that's not a stick
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Woah, I really love the lighting in this
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Give me the keys to my future crush's hearts please. xD
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This is great, and really helpful. Awesome work!
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