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Skyrim: Khajiit Highway Robbery!

By nakanoart
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The continuting adventures of my non-combat Khajiit, Niya. This time with my other player character who is a Nord shieldmaiden. Is she schmoozing her while she steals the Nord's bag of gold and loot? Or perhaps she is trying to pawn off a hot bag of moon-sugar on an innocent passerby. Only the city guard knows...

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they make a cute couple . good idea for a comic story.

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The sexines just beams out of these two. Good job.
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I've been thinking about this pic for ever ,I'm glad I finally found it <3
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Haha glad you found it!
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Skyrim-Logic : "Hey look this guy that kills Dragons, let's mug him"
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I dunno. Niya is way too dressed. Never thought you'd be such a puritan. :D
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My Khajiit never buys Skooma.  But she sure as heck sells it. Grinch emote 
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I really like the shieldmaiden's expression and facial structure. She's quite attractive! Well, all of her is, but yeah. Also like the body work on both of them; good proportions that aren't overly exaggerated but still stand out. The shieldmaiden's outfit is a modified version of an in game outfit right? The naval window, as I shall now call it, it intriguing to me because I can't tell if I like it for "hawtness" reasons or just because it is a neat center point for the outfit. Probably both. Niya's eyes are quite pretty but her fur feel weird. It's basically skin which is fine but I was just wondering if that was a "it looks better this way" sort of thing or if it is because of "story stuff!". Either way, fun picture and nice work. 
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Either that or she's trying to get into her pants...
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this is so wonderful!!! you draw the best skyrim art i've ever seen!!:D
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this is really nice! I love your colouring :D
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It's like my brother and I's favorites converged.
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OMG she's too cute! I love Khajiits!catching love 
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This is lovely. Khajiit are the best! 

I just recently got into the Elder Scrolls bandwagon, and the universe seems really fun. 
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If you want fun read some stuff about Vivec :3
S7alker117's avatar
Oh, I know about that one! :D
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A drawing of the members of the Tribunal (including Vivec) would be awesome. Just suggesting, tho
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Not a bad idea, indeed. I am not enough of a good artist to do that, but I'm sure there would be someone out there who could do that, and make it awesome!
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