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Skyrim: Farkas and Khajiit

EDIT: Oops, I must have been too distracted by where to place the convenient-censorship bottle to realize her legs were messed up. Haha. Fixed now.

More of my non-fighting Khajiit thief. This time she's in the Companion's Hall, emptying their chests of valuables, stealing everyone's clothes and annoying Farkas. That is, until someone threatens her with an actual weapon (who will probably be Vilkas or Aela.) Seriously, this is why you don't leave your guild hall open to the public xD

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rzthzsgrsrhgsgb's avatar

I have a kajit thats lv16 and i think he would get along with her just fine ^//w//^

Lexieon3's avatar

Geez she is stealing clothes for what exactly

Lygwaz's avatar

Those damn cats, lol. Amazing work.

CillianGirl's avatar

So sexy catgirl :D

Id leave before Farkas ends up with a new fur rug.

Rand-Tor's avatar

Now WHERE is that Female Khajilit that jumps on me like this?.......SIGH!

Great Work!

This reminds me of my first playthrough. I was a khajiit who married

Emerald-Wolf13's avatar

I know this was forever ago, but I don't think the issue could be as much her legs, as his right leg. He right leg (which she seems to be straddle of) seems to be missing, which throws her leg/hip pose into a state of weirdness. The only issue I really see with her pelvis is her tail seems to be sprouting from her hip.

Love the juxtaposition of the expressions though.

rainbowdragon51020's avatar

Aaaand now we know why dogs hate cats

YingMu's avatar

XD This would be my Khajiit! Except she would annoy Vilkas. Good work!!!

Imdraproc's avatar
Nice work onthe fire, and the contrast between the two characters' facial expressions is hilarious. 
InfraGreenDays's avatar
Darn, I've seen this years back and all of the sudden found it here... That's one of the greatest khajiit art I've ever seen in my life.  And now I can pay respect to the author :3 Thank you for such a brilliant work Naka!
That cat is sexually harassing poor Farkas.
uruhajoker's avatar
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
ItsMeNightzy's avatar
Awesome coloring
AerialVenue's avatar
vanripper brought me here
PetersonArt's avatar
delicious cat girl <3 beautiful work, i donno why that guy is angry... he should be happy and smell her armpit xD
MajinBuu-R's avatar
I never played Skyrim or anything related to Elder Scrolls but this is really funny and cute. :) 
2000daggers's avatar
the face of a guy who realizes that the Dovakin and probably the next ruler of Tamriel, is a thieving cat lady hobo.
KittyKhajt's avatar
would love to know if you do customs
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