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Hello again everyone! You guys are always so supportive and awesome, and I know some have been asking for some tutorials or processes, so I searched my hard drive and found some pieces that I saved the steps for. Here's my process for one of my previous drawings, along with a description of how I made it.
Shy by nakanoart

From left to right:
STEP ONE: First, I start with a neutral, desaturated hue. Then, I choose the color based on what I expect the picture's atmosphere to be. In this case, warm. I have the three layers: the "lineart" layer set to multiply on the top, the "figure" second, and the "background" on the bottom.

STEP TWO: Now I lock the transparency on the "figure" layer, and gently apply more color. On the brush's setting, I have the flow set lower than 75% so some of the original hue shows through.

STEP THREE: After that, I made a "shadow" layer above the "figure" layer, and set it to multiply and draw over the character to create a dramatic shadow. I use a hue in the same range at the original color palette I chose in step one. I also chose to create a background at this point, because it would help me choose what to do with the lighting. I decided a traditional Japanese door would be nice (and simple lol).

STEP FOUR: Create a "light" layer above the "shadow" layer and brush over the character with a hue of your choice (in this case a warm color) and set the layer mode to something like overlay. There are other modes that look nice as well, so feel free to experiment.

STEP FIVE: This is the scary part! Where I merged the "light", "shadow", and "figure" layers down to one. This way I am able to tweak the colors more easily. I also added some sakura blossoms and branches on a new layer above all the others. I plan on blurring them to create depth, so I just focused on form and color with those.

FINISHED!: The final touches! Here's where you do what you want to give your drawing a personal touch. I put some textures over the drawing, blurred those flowers, and tweaked the color slightly. Don't even bother following what I did at this point lol. Find someone cool that works for you: sparklies, chromatic aberration, focus blur, whatever you want!

I hope some of you find this helpful! >^..^< Feel free to ask if you have any questions, or if I wasn't clear enough in any of my steps.

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