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My character Ai again! I like the idea of having her peep over something, like cats do when they want something from you >^..^<;

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Love it! Is it okay if i use it as my profile pic?

her eyes are amazing

Very cute art work and I don't know why but I get slight raphtalia from rising of the shield hero feels from it (sorry if I spelt her name wrong lol)

That looks so nice! I wish i was that good at art.
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Thank you!

You can be if you practice and study ^..^ Art requires a lot of discipline and repetition, no one is born with it.

(Sorry for the late reply)
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That is super cute~! Great job. Keep up the great work <3
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Interesting pose >: )
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She's adorable! X3
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Ai is freaking adorable 
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Really love this one =D and sometimes I come and see it again
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this is so adorable!
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Awwwww sooooo cute, i love it!!
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Awwww awesome!
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what beautiful treatment of the shadow!
I am extremely interested in how you get that lens effect. ^ _ ^
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Thanks! Do you mean the blurry branches and petals in the foreground? For that, I made a separate layer over the rest of the drawing in Photoshop and blurred it. I'm not sure if that's what you meant or not ^..^; If not, then let me know.

(sorry for the late reply)
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She's beautiful and yet mysterious...kinda want to know more. But, exercise
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Did you know Nekopara is getting OVA adaptation?
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Omg LOL. I'm sure the question everyone's asking is, will it contain certain scenes?

"It's called hentai and it's art"

(sorry for the late reply lol)
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I hope it will. My little sister loves Nekopara. She's 26 so it's ok.
What anime do you like?
I like Dragon Maid and Spice&Wolf.
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Ive heard of those two!  I actually haven't been watching much anime recently to tell you the truth. My Hero Academia was the last one I saw. My favorites are probably Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Golden Boy, Death Note, the original Dragonball annnd I'm sure I'm forgetting some lol.
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