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Scooby Doo and the Crew

By nakanoart
Scooby Doo was (and still is) one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, so I wanted to draw the gang for this upcoming Halloween. I've drawn Scooby and Shaggy before, but this is my first time drawing Fred, Daphne and Velma :3 I had a hard time deciding what colors to make their irises because the characters originally had black dots for eyes xD

Wallpaper version -

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This has a Disney flair. I like it.

If they make an anime style Scooby doo I would be interestEd

jettmanas's avatar

Finally found this. That's a lotta favs.

Well done.

cullyferg2010's avatar
Must be something bigger than they can handle.  At least Scoob brought the food along this time.
Randomguy-65's avatar

Great now i want an anime version of Scooby-Doo.

Sharkfanofthesea's avatar

NGL that sub looks delicious

dragonsans101's avatar
Gives me mystery inc. vibes and tbh I am not complaining
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Not only are your style and lighting really pretty, but Scooby hanging onto that sandwich for his life is hilarious

clearwater04's avatar
Ah my childhood.  If you ever feel up to it you could do the cast of persona 4 as the scooby gang for next Halloween.  Yu can be the one with the sandwich in his mouth haha.
griffwolf2's avatar
This is the greatest Scooby-Doo art I've ever seen...none other like it... *liking intensifies*
PathofLifeandStone's avatar
That Scooby it's great! Heart 
Alfazil's avatar
Ahem. I mean, cool.
Cinnamonbunny45's avatar
C H I L D H O O D!!!!

I love this great job
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That is a phenomenal art style you crafted. An outstanding job you did there.
Kadycay's avatar
The sandwich is the best part!
That is exactly what I was going to say
MissUnashamed's avatar
They all look fantastic in your style! :) I especially love the sandwich that Scooby has, it's a great touch! :)
Un0rth0d0cz's avatar
I finally figured out why Shaggy and Scooby-doo eat so much- 1. they run from monsters so much (and probably have a high metabolism) and 2. being scared all the time is stressful and eating helps.
LordAkiyama's avatar
I really like how this one came out. Perfectly sums up a typical adventure the gang encounter.
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