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Rey + Humanized BB-8


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I wanted try my hand at Rey's likeness, as well as a humanized form of BB-8. I tried to incorporate BB's roundness into a puffy hoodie-type of outfit. If I find some time, I might toy around with the design a bit more ^..^

Also, if you make a comment about the movie's storyline, make sure you warn people about spoilers first! I hope the image itself isn't a spoiler haha >_>; I figured it wasn't because the two were shown together in commercial and previews.

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And on the right is shown one millionth of my contempt for the new 'Star Wars' junk.
zanetwinsfromsodor's avatar

how dare you insult nakanoart!

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BB-8 is an adorable sweetroll that heavy will protect with life 
BleachTomato's avatar
I think there was no need to humanize BB-8. Rey looks awesome, tho.
nakanoart's avatar
The characters already exist, so there's actually no real -need- for any kind of fanart, yeah?

People draw stuff because they want to.
Elizabeth--T's avatar
Oh my gosh, that's so cute. I love that cartoony cute art style! :)
Presley0402's avatar
This makes more sense
Asshole889's avatar
I Don't Care What Anybody Tells Me, This Is Adorable.
MikaKoinu's avatar
Love this! So cute. ♥
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
"you may little droid you may :) so long as you try not to cause any trouble okay??? "(RL me : as rebel Jedi Master alvy)
LordAkiyama's avatar
The utter cuteness...

It's so adorable...
KitsuneLenali's avatar
HOLY SHIT, your humanized BB-8 is so adorable! <3 Precious little nugget :3
FrostieHeart's avatar
I fail so much at DA... BUT THIS IMAGE IS SO KAWAII!!! x3
MrB1ank's avatar
I love the way you drew Rey ^^
LittleWhiteRabbitB's avatar
Oh my goodness, is that ever adorable. :heart:
purpledragon232's avatar
I...just...just...*takes breath in*...I WANT BB-8!!!!!!!
Z-Lord's avatar
Oh my god, human BB-8 is adorable. I wish they had BB-8 robots the size of the one from the movie and that would be my pet. BB-8 is awesome and adorable.
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OSuKaRuArT's avatar
So cuuuuuuuute <3
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