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Overwatch - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

By nakanoart
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Mercy: "Gather around, girls. It's time for a group photo."
Zarya: "Haha! This will be a fine testiment to our strength."
Tracer: "Come on Widowmaker, don't be shy!"
Widowmaker: "Je m'en fous. Let go of me!"
Symmetra: "What's going on!? Move over Widowmaker, you're ruining the composition."
Pharah: "Yeah, scoot over!"
D.Va: "C'mon Bastion, smile for the camera!"
Bastion: "Bee-boop?"
Mei: It's okay Bastion, Snowball is here too!
Bastion: "Bwo... woo-woop!"

I asked in a poll, "which Overwatch characters would you like me to draw?" and a lot of the girls were on the top of the list. So I decided to draw all the ladies from Overwatch in one picture! I love the diversity in this game, of different cultural backgrounds as well as body types ^..^

Here a widescreen wallpaper! :pointr:
Since my previous wallpaper uploads, I've gotten wonderful responses from you all, as well as requests for more (I can make other sizes too. So feel free to request additional versions if extensive cropping occurs on your device).

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MidNight-Vixen's avatar
Angrybirdfan101's avatar
This was made before Moira was added, I believe.
Danianoo's avatar

Symmetra is particularly adorable!

Danianoo's avatar

This is great!

AlanNights2013's avatar
Wait, why Bastion ? xD
Angrybirdfan101's avatar
He's a ladies man. 😎
Keegs79's avatar
Your use of shading with colors is one of the most impressive things about your pictures. This picture highlights that very well.
hayleymesmer's avatar
bastion the bachelor lol
Zen-is-Cat's avatar
Thats cool. Just one thing. Fix Mercy's mouth. The smile it too wide to have teeth connecting like that. It looks very creepy to me. Otehrwise its pretty awesome:D
ghostgames220's avatar
Where is ana and sombra
nakanoart's avatar
Drew it before they were released. Moira too.
CampingGroundsStudio's avatar
Cutie Cutie <>< John 3:1-21
Paddy-One's avatar
Will you be updating this piece to include the newer female characters such as Orisa, Sombra, Ana and Moira?
nakanoart's avatar
Probably not ^^; I'd make a new picture if I was gonna draw them.
TheDAAOfficial's avatar
Bastion has no gender so I guess this qualifies
ChiroCala's avatar
Aww that's so beautiful and cute! 
wil6846's avatar
Why is bation there
Dr-Scaphandre's avatar
Bastion's male though. Orisa on the other hand...
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
They're both robots!
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