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Leona is gonna have a pretty rude awakening o_o I hope she kept her sword nearby.

Wallpaper version -

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It could be idea of my nightmares.

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Looks like Weiss from RWBY.
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wow, amazing.. and scary. Reminds me of my own nightmare :D Definitely don't want to get woke up by somethign like this. Hope she has the sword nearby. Oh and love the texture, or noise on the pillows and background.
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I found this piece and your art because of a video on YouTube that was using it as a background and crediting back to you. 
This is truely amazing. It feels like a fitting illustration towards two of my novel characters. Thanks for this piece, it's very inspiring (=
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Terrifying and beautiful. Yeah... that's a nightmare for sure!
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Very interesting, you have drawn really well the concept of a nightmare. Amazing :)!
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I wish I were this good at drawing, but I can never get any of the proportions right, accept for when it's on characters such as my profile image.
<-That's the best I can do right there. 
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Beautiful work! ~:heart:
Robo-Hero's avatar
Truly amazing...
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Sometimes things in life, can be worse than in a nightmare. Very nice.
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I can relate to this picture. Awesome details by the way.
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the Emerald Nightmare is your Final Place...
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Your work is amazing! I faved this one, but I love all your drawings  :heart:
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beautiful work *-*
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3am thats when this shit is not a nightmare X3
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Great job with her gown looking satin! I'm struggling with that right now.
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Thank you!

I recommend doing some texture studies, and try to incorporate the study into another part of a drawing to make it more fun. I know that for myself, If I'm just drawing the texture by itself, I'm often unmotivated to complete the study because I find it boring ^_^;
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