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Night Flower

By nakanoart
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edit: uhh, I have no idea why this had a "mature content" filter on it, but I fixed it now xD;

Hello everyone! It's been a little while. I hope my American friends had a happy 4th of July ^..^ and for those who spent their 4th at AX, I hope you guys had a great time! I wish I could have gone this year ;-;

But anyways, This drawing might look familiar to some of you guys; it's a recoloring of my "Mother Nature" lineart. I was inspired by some flowers that bloom at night, and wanted to do a nighttime version with glowy eyes and blossoms *_*

Also - I wanted to try offering this as a free basic drawing resource, so I outlined the form for you guys and made it available on my Gumroad. This is my first time doing such a thing, so let me know if it's helpful! Any feedback is welcomed. I also made it available as a phone wallpaper.

If you use any of the basic forms as reference (the blue or red lines) then no credit is needed (although I would appreciate it ^..^). You are also allowed to reference or copy the finished lineart as well, but you MUST credit me if use that version. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing, if you're unsure then just leave me a comment or note. Enjoy!

Anatomy reference -
Wallpaper version -

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Beau, nothing else.

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Magnificent work on this! I like the glow effects and the level of detail~ :)

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This person is trying to say that this art piece is theirs,  Lava by CritBitch
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She looks a lot like one of my novel's main characters, Lilith.  She's an Earth Elemental, based loosely on spriggans and nature spirits. There are a few times when she creates flowers out of her hand.  No idea why you needed to know that, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

About the art itself, I love how you've created a deep sense of atmosphere, with the subtle use of shadows and highlights.  How long did it take you to make?

Thanks for sharing! :D
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Sounds awesome! Usually when you think of an earth elemental, giant rock golems come to mind. So the idea of a plant-like design is pretty interesting :D

I'm not sure how long this took, as I've never timed myself for anything that's not a speedpaint. It -feels- like my drawings take around 6-8 hours though.
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This is some excellent work here my friend!  The way you make those flowers glow along with her eyes is awesome, nicely done! ^_^
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Your Art is Stunning!!
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This is amazing hun. 
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This is so beautiful, I love the glowing effect!
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Hello Nakanart Im starting out as a graphic designer and I came across this drawing on Pinterest and I really like it but I didnt want to use it without your permission so may I use your drawing to print it off on a cardigan to sell?
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Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you kindly for asking, but no. I only allow my images to be used for non-profit purposes, and so far my only exception is YouTube videos.
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What flowers are those? If they are an actual flower.
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I don't actually know the name of the flower, but I know they are tropical. I found a references when I searched for "island flower". The real ones don't glow, though lol.

(Sorry for the late reply)
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I love your style so much! It's amazing!
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i'm trying to not spam you with faves Sweating a little... 
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Nah don't worry about it! :D

(Sorry for the late reply lol)
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Love the atmosphere!!!
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Jaw drop, this composition is super lit. I love the colors and everything about this piece.
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So beautiful!! my fav flower in a beauty draw <3
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The lighting in this one is gorgeous! loving the glowing effect, especially on her hands/arms at the top of her head *o*
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Love the light! :happybounce:
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