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Modern Khajiit

By nakanoart
I've drawn a modern elf before, so that got me thinking, what about a modern Khajiit?

This is Niya again, the same Khajiit I've drawn before, with the hairstyle she has in Elder Scrolls Online. As well as some new clothes obviously :3 It's been awhile since I've drawn her, I've forgotten how fun it is.

Have you played an Elder Scrolls game before? If so, which race is your favorite?

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Still cute as her elder congeners

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I'm gonna get a 'Moon Sugar' tee shirt made for myself.

Great Work!

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So there’s a theory that a guys that used to work for Bethesda posed. Basically it’s that the Dwemer were sent to the 9th era, but when they went there they found out that all of their technology is far behind compared to the technology of the 9th era.

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I've played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim only recently on switch : after various tries in the two first, my favourite build is definitely a stealthy khajit archer .
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What a nice concept.  I really like this one.
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What a really cool idea, to be honest
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Ohhhhh I appreciate the modern Khajit! v wv <3
I played Skyrim; it's the only one I've played but I remember having tons of fun with it when I had a computer that could run it. ;A; <3
How about you? I'm curious! :3
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Elder Scrolls is sooo fun. Morrowind is my favorite, I still feel the urge to play it to this day! It's aged kinda poorly tho lol.

Khajiits are the GOAT, but I like Dunmer for a close second :D Do you remember which race you played?
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Nice drawing!
And a snow leopard Khajit, it's always better ^^
Horticulous's avatar
Hah! That shirt is great.
Streaked-Silver's avatar
I've played most of them except ESO. My favorite depends on what character I Wanna play though Breton and Kitty is my favorites generally.
nakanoart's avatar
ESO is my favorite MMO, I love the action combat (I can't do typical -tab targetting MMOs like WoW anymore). I wish I had more time to play MMOs.

Kitties and Bretons are both super cute!
Streaked-Silver's avatar
I ust.. don't like ESO XD .. I'm a huge lore nerd.. so ..when they messed up the lore, I was out.. =P

You're right though, WoW just is .. meeeh.. GW2 isn't bad though.
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If Khajiit existed in our world and time, they'd TOTALLY wear "legalize moon sugar" shirts.
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can someone explain?

Moon Sugar is an narcotic-based drug and ingredient in the Elder Scrolls series used to make Skooma, another narcotic-based drug.

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