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Mermaid Music v2

By nakanoart
Do you like Siamese fighting fish/bettas? Their flowing fins have always reminded me of a mermaid's hair.

I hope you've all been doing well this summer! I tried to move but my plans got messed up, so I'm kind of in residency limbo right now until I figure my shit out >_< Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few weeks.

Anyways, this is another drawing done for MrSuicideSheep! The accompanying video hasn't been uploaded yet, but expect to see it on their YouTube channel sometime <3…

Free wallpaper version available on my Gumroad

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NGYAAAAAAAHHHH!!! She cant really chase after a human on land though so I doubt she'd make a competent royal guard

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cus she dont got no legs

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She's absolutely divine!

I adore the colors and the look over all of this piece.

Her stare is magnificent. I think she's gorgeous... :love:

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Looks like Undyne from Undertale

SilverSugar's avatar
Love the no-nonsense expression!
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I love how you created a smooth transition between the finns and the hair! I also really love the colors and the overall atmosphere!
pocketbeetle's avatar
I just adore this design!
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sandcastler's avatar
Fantastic tropical colors!!  I love her gills & fins!!  I’d love to see her with webbed fingers, too!!
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Does she like fish sticks? 😉
it's so nice to see your art again! We missed you!
Hope everything will settle for you and get better. Take care!!
gummygrub's avatar
I absolutely love the fin-hair! Definitely one of my favorite things with mermaids :D
Daniloolinad's avatar
Mermusic is the best!
Diluculi's avatar
Her fin-hair is such a great idea and wonderfully executed!
Lynthis's avatar

Undyne! Reminds me a bit of her

Beautiful work! 
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So perfect for summer~!
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Looks quite like Undyne, and this is very beautiful! ^_<
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Beautiful! ^_^
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