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Frozen in Time

By nakanoart
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(Sorry for the lack of activity guys, I've been away from the computer for awhile ^_^; I'll reply to your messages as soon as I can!)

A quick drawing for the 30-minute Daily Spitpainting group on Facebook.

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Mu1tiFand0mist's avatar
Excuse me as I mass favorite your stuff.
Deathbringerdragon's avatar

i've been searching for DAYS trying to find the one who made this picture!!!
and now my efforts have been paid off because i finally found you!!!!

i LOVE this picture!! it's amazing!!!
nakanoart's avatar
Haha aww, thank you! I'm glad your search is over. Sometimes I hear a song or something and don't know the title, so I'll search for like a week trying to find it on YouTube, lol.
Beastjager's avatar
Another of my favourites. Is there a story behind this? Because I've been thinking of one, using this image is my inspiration.
nakanoart's avatar
Oh that would be awesome! Feel free to write about it ^..^
Hey would it be okay for me to use this as a future book cover as long as I give you recognition or something 
nakanoart's avatar
Hey! Sorry for the late reply. You can use any of my drawings (aside from the ones in my commissions folder) for any non-profit purpose with credit. So, if you used this for a book you cannot sell it physically or digitally.
WolfGamer617's avatar
Me looking at this picture reminds that I have a long way to go but tells me that it's possible to get up to that level. I love this art work. The girl, the dragon, the colors, all of it.
drag0nwolf's avatar
wow so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xiiith's avatar
Finally found a dragon that is a Dragon, another amazing work of art.
xiiith's avatar

This means that they look like they should: a powerful majestic and dangerous
Sarah-Bellwrath's avatar
This is freaking awesome! 
OCpp's avatar
omg your art is just awesome! in which program do you paint? sai? photoshop? @.@ :happybounce: 
nakanoart's avatar
Thank you! ^..^ I usually use pencil for lines the color in Photoshop, but this particular image is all done in Photoshop. If you are looking for a program, I recommend Manga Studio 5. It's relatively new and is feels a lot like Photoshop.
Volinfer's avatar
Shadow-Likes-Pie's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful, I'm obsessed with dragons but this piece is one of my favorites I've seen. It slightly reminds me of my persona, and I love it. Positively beautiful, the girl and the dragons colors clash perfectly. Love it!
AureliaWolflady's avatar
This is soo amazing! :squee:
It reminds me of a story of mine. It fits my two OC's perfecly : D
I love it! Love 
dragonlover080's avatar
Can you tell me the name? So i can translaye the story and read it?
nakanoart's avatar
Oh wow, awesome! :heart: Do your OCs have a background story? ^^
AureliaWolflady's avatar
Of course! ^-^
It's one of these tragic love stories. She's named Amalthea, and has special magic skills. Once there were many women like her and the people called them Snowbrides. He's named Alvaro and he is the king of dragons.
Their story is very large and detailed so I don't know what to tell without writing down the hole story. ^-^"
(Sorry for my bad english)
nakanoart's avatar
It sounds like your plot has a lot of potential *_* I love stories with a strong woman and her companions ^_^ Have you written your story down, or is it mostly in your head?
AureliaWolflady's avatar
I'm so glad to hear that! *-*
The most of it is in my head but I've written many, many notes and a prolog by now.
But everything is in german! ^-^"
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