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I was originally going to call this "Drinking The Kool Aid", but I didn't want to use a brand-name product as the title. (I know, I'm weird like that xD)

Leona is another character of mine. I hope the title doesn't make her sound too stupid haha. I just wanted an excuse to draw her again ^_^

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this is amazing, i love how you made the colored bits of her hair flow like hair and the rest like glass it is amazing
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Same for her irises, if you look closely
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touche I didn't notice that, you either have really good eyes or a really good computer (or atleast one that will let you zoom XD)
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neat concept, love the colors!!!
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Came here from DSG…
I really wanted to give a word on the picture. Creative and really cute x)
I scrolled around in your gallery before I found this one, and I just want to say.. Your style is really nice, keep up the amazing work!
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Your so creative!
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Wow, such deep pictures!
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This is why people should stick to water
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duud, what program do you use to make these pictures!=!?!?
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I use Pencil and Photoshop :3
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how long you've been drawing?
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I've been drawing since I was four, but don't let that discourage you. I know of a guy who started drawing as an adult in college and became a concept artist within a few years!

(Sorry for the late reply)
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Trippy, but awsome
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If her hair changes depending of the color of her drink

What happens if she drinks water?

I love the shading you did on her hair, its beautiful.
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This is so awesome and adorable
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Your art is the definition of cool
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this is really creative. i like it.
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I absolutely adore this picture <3
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