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Dragonball Super Low Budget

SOOOO I heard about fellow Dragonball fans' reactions to the now-infamous "episode 5" of Dragonball Super. It reminded me of what happened with the randomly screwed up faces in the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot series @_@

Inconsistent animation quality is pretty commonplace with a long-running series, so I think the characters should make the best of it!

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Hello friend, I love your work and I would like to share it on YouTube in Spanish and I will give you the credits for your work ... the fans would be very grateful to you for such a wonderful work of art ... Many successes for you friend
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Toey Animation in a Nutshell.
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Super Sand OM (Off Model) is OP

plz nerf
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This is just priceless!! XD
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Lol I bet it killed you to draw like that. Funny or not it stings me to draw poorly on purpose.
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This is the funniest comic I've ever seen.
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Okay... That's funny. At least that episode has been corrected on the blu-ray version, which I also saw that on Crunchyroll and on Toonami with Funimation dub.
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I could't say better. 
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3d guts is missing
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Haha I drew this before the Berserk fiasco, but I should make a horrible 3D render and paste it in lmao.
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What's with the random sailor moon
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Sailor Moon Crystal came out just a little bit before DBS debuted, and fans had similar complains with the animation quality.
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That is very low budget
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hahahahaha low budget!!
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I swear. DB Super should have just stayed manga. The manga is exceptionally well drawn
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I know, I don't understand why they had to skimp out on the quality :< I mean come on, it's Dragonball! As far as looks go, my favorite animation comes from the Buu saga.
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Thats true. Well my fave animation comes from the dragon ball z movies especially fusion reborn and Wrath of the Dragon
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Ohh yeah. I've seen a bunch of movies so I forget which one was which, haha. But I remember them looking pretty good as well.
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Oh yeah! Watched one every weekend as a kid. The best!
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Try Naruto Shippuden episode 167: whacky animation sequence in that part
where Pein delivers the falcon punch to the ground as he calls out: "My pain
is far greater than yours."

The world's liveliest corpse delivering Shoop-Da-Whoop.  I'm a-firin' mah
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