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Commission - Wild Dreams

By nakanoart
Have you ever encountered an animal in your dreams? As much as I love animals, I just realized that don't remember encountering very many, if any while sleeping. That's really odd now that I think about it, lol.

Drawn for a client named Tim, of his lovely partner.

Free wallpaper version -

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© 2019 - 2021 nakanoart
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OMG!! your art is really breathtaking... you have got an amazing talent for details... Keep it up ;P

jackabearus's avatar
this is beautiful !!
PaopuTree's avatar
Really pretty!
ailil's avatar
I just love how everything flows in this picture, the gress, the hair, the animals, also I love the coloring style!
LoveXPoints's avatar
JamestheMan76's avatar
Gorgeous, I love it :D
DannyAndYoko's avatar
She's a cutie ^^
goldenavatar's avatar
All that comes to mind as I saw this, was this.
squarenuts's avatar
Wait, her wink isn't signing that she is open to the idea of going "bearback" with you? 😊

("A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.")
Qube-Core's avatar
Oh, that is so wonderful! What music will she listen too?
We may never know!

For myself, I have encountered a lot of animals in my dreams.
And many other weird things... creatures made for horror movies too.
A lot of my characters and ideas come from my dreams if I think about it...
nakanoart's avatar
You're lucky! I wish I could encounter more animals and creatures (as long as its not a nightmare lol) I find that dreams can be a great source of inspiration too.
Qube-Core's avatar
I guess I'm really a lucky one im this case ^^
DoubleRX's avatar
Nice, you still take commissions?
nakanoart's avatar
I should be available again fairly soon. Would you like me to add you to a wait list?
DoubleRX's avatar
Vearce's avatar
I encountered a dinosaur once in my dreams. But I can't think of anything else...
nakanoart's avatar
Ooh nice! I hope it wasn't a nightmare lol
Vearce's avatar
It was, at first, but as soon as I escaped the dino, it turned into a sad, little girl lol
MasterofDragons9's avatar
TerrinX's avatar
Reminds me of Chelsea. RIP Chelsea
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