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Another picture that I'm leaving open for interpretation. I love making these types of drawings, because it's a lot of fun to read all of your personal meanings ^_^ Feel free to leave a comment!

Judging from the looks of those two behind the girl, I'd say they had a pretty ruff day LOL (sorry I just had to xDD)

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Very cool! Nice job :)

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Haha, I didn't know you were so punny! xD
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This speaks to me on a personal level, thank you it helps get over it.
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You're welcome. I hope you feel better :heart: ^..^
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My view of this art is that someone she loved betrayed her, or she believes they did. That the picture she is looking at is the person she loves, and the second one is of the person with someone else. I believe she is obsessed with the person she loves, like a yandere. She looks and seems kind on the outside, but she can be wild and cruel. Both of the wolves heads seem to be pointing more at the picture of two people, as they're growling and snaring, showing her anger for the unwanted person. But she is currently caught up looking at the one she loves. Red eyes are normally associated with anger, powerful, or evil people, but it is also often used for a yandere. The blue eyes of the wolves have could represent her soul or spirit animal, which tend to be light blue to white. I personally have always viewed wolves as beautiful and amazing creatures, but I also see them as strong and powerful. I can see why a yandere spirit animal could be a wolf, beautiful but dangerous. 

That's just my view on the picture, and it seems a lot different from the rest but oh well.
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One of my first thoughts were that those pictures are her friends, and maybe something more, and that the hounds are domineering parents.  
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(Note my interpretation is influence by others, so sorry if they sound similar)

When I look at this picture, I actually see something really beautiful (mostly because of the art itself) I see a girl who is simply swarmed with popularity and looks, she only cares about being better than everyone and will sacrifice anything to have that happen. So much so she would even break up with her ex-lover, who is with her in the darker picture of the locket. Every time she opens the locket, she completely ignores the picture of her and her ex-lover, and looks directly at the mirror so she could how 'perfect' she is. That could explain why her eyes are an orange-red, since those colors are often associated with evil, danger, or anger.

As for what the wolves are, I actually see them as guardian angels. Their blue eyes could signify their power and how they are always helping people's decisions or seeing how their life is. But these wolves aren't just her guardian angels, oh no no no. The one at the top is the guardian angel of her ex-lover, furious that she left him just because of popularity. It wishes to avenge the person it is guarding, and may even want to cause (mental) bloodshed and pain. As for the second wolf near the bottom, I believe that may be her guardian angel and it isn't that happy either. It could be upset about her poor decisions in life and angry at her selfish ways, but still has to try and fix them.

I love this art, it is so incredible and it just, oh it just makes my mind go crazy with inspiration! You are an incredible artist and person!
I was thrown to the Wolves and now I lead the pack.
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   I love your art, and I especially enjoy the pieces open for interpretation. 

   What I saw first was that she was looking at a picture of herself, and the other picture is a picture of her and her ex-lover or some sorts. She is currently being consumed by the popularity contest that is so prevalent in her life, and the wolves are either two people who have been especially egging her on to become what she is, are two emotions now growing; Exaggerated self-worth, and greed. OR the wolves are her and her ex-lover from the past, disgusted and crushed that she's abandoning true love (She broke up with Ex-lover because they weren't popular and she wanted someone higher up to boost her self-esteem and popularity levels) and instead, shooting for things that can very easily ruin her. 

   I don't know, it also reminds me of this boy who I hate but love, and want to kill but kiss. It's this really complicated relationship. He broke up with me because I wasn't pretty, and now I want to rip his guts out, but then immediately make it better and snuggle. I feel like a super-stalker >///<
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Clearly, they're manly-man business wolves who are outwardly all about being busy and important and would never ever admit to being interested in girly drama like who she's gushing over now. So they stealthily watch her from behind so that nobody will know their horrible secret. Everybody has something they won't admit they're interested in, and in that regard the wolves represent the viewer.
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Is she going to break these fragile glass hearts? O.o
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almost like a story of my relations :( (Sad)  i would like a opposite sex version of this.
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I'm so sorry :< I hope love treats you better in the future :iconslowhugplz: Not a bad idea though, having a genderswapped version!
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I'm really looking forward to it
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Skoll and Hati perhaps? :3
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Oh yeah! I don't know enough about Norse mythology unfortunately, haha. Those are the two wolves right?
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They're the sons of Fenrir :3
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Oh awesome, I had no idea. I definately have heard of Fenrir! ^..^
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I recently found your work and love these pieces that are open for interpretation. :heart:

Here are two interpretations that I saw when I observed this piece:

The two wolves are old friends/lovers of the girl and care for her, to the point of being possessive. However, she has left both of them, at separate times, and now has become enchanted by a new guy. Both of her old lovers suspect that this new person will not treat their loved one like they still want to, and may be even be a danger to her. They are struggling to understand why she cannot see this, and how she is blinded by her attraction to this man. The two who care for her can only feel betrayed.

The locket that they girl holds contains two images. The one that lies discarded and in the shadows is a picture of her two brothers, one older than the other, shoulder to shoulder, smiling out at her. However, she no longer looks at this image of her family that cares for her and instead looks into the other half of the locket, which is a mirror. In it, she is impressed and satisfied with how she appears. Her brothers, looming behind her, watch helplessly as she becomes self absorbed. Her younger brother, the one at the top right, is angry at her for becoming this way, losing her kindness and generosity. Her older brother is angry as well, but also feels sadness as he doesn’t believe he can help his little sister. The color of the brothers’ blue eyes, juxtaposed with their sister’s orange eyes, further express the boundaries she’s created between herself and her family and how she views herself above them.

This was a fun piece to write about. :happybounce: 
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Waaa I like your interpretations; they're like short stores *_* thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy my work and that it was able to inspire you. Inspiration is one of the greatest feelings you can share with another :heart:
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