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Artistic Freedom

By nakanoart
Ever since I first started drawing as a little kid, I felt like art gave me complete freedom to create anything I wanted. In reality I'm limited by what I can do, but in my drawings I can meet any creature, live any life, go anywhere, do anything; as far as my mind would take me. (Of course, my drawings don't always end up the way I envisioned them in my head. Which makes me sad, but I know we've all been there, lol!) Do you guys feel this way about your creative pursuits too? I imagine the same thing would apply to writing and music etc ^..^

I've included a wallpaper version and an anatomy reference of this drawing. Hope you like it!

Widescreen wallpaper -
Anatomy reference -

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I love that it's beautiful



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Sometimes, your creative mind outpaces your creative hands/wings and your hands have to catch up. That causes a slump.  When your hands outrun your mind, you enter a period of masterpieces.  When you begin to see flaws in your art again, your eyes have attained the same level as your hands.

That is what your description reminded me of.
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Ooh I like that :3
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I'm glad you do.  It helped me some at least, being able to visualize it a bit.
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The only time I can let my wings loose...
ffyls's avatar
.. [ making a DIY sketchbook..] ..
that is pretty fascinating thank you!
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Ahhhh, yes! This is... This is perfect!
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Ah, this is beautiful. I wish you were open for commission!
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It's so strange... Even though I have been a (not very skilled) artist for a while, I'm only starting now to relate to this picture and feeling... It's like, you have something in mind, and you CAN actually choose to put it on paper and share it ^_^ (provided you dedicate enough of your time to do it). Having such a way to think requires some self-confidence though (as you need to believe you're actually able to do it)
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This so embodies the artist spirit:floating: !
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This is really beautiful and real! Amazing work!
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This speaks to me so much... ♥
Hellypse's avatar
Impressive work ! ^^
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Lovely. And very touching. ^u^
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This is just absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere is so peaceful and calm, and I love how you did the papers like wings. Amazing~
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Love the composition and colors. 
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Oh now that's just TOO CUTE!!:D An excellently done picture!!:D
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I don't know how to sai how much I love this drawing ;-;
I just love how you draw the paper like wings,I love wings <3
And I love the's so clean,calm and paceful ;-; <33333
this is beautiful :O
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