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Please take the time to at least read the headline, even if you don't read the details. There is someone currently emailing artists (possibly found here on DeviantART), attempting to get "free" art in exchange for software.

If you receive an email from this person, DO NOT REPLY. Simply delete it and move on. Do not be tempted by their offer, the programs are most likely obtained illegally and are being used as an exchange for free work. I've heard from another trusted artist that they were also contacted a week ago, so this has been going on for some time. Notify your artsy friends, especially to younger ones who may not be as experienced with selling their work. I know when I was younger, I may have been duped into doing something foolish, such as accepting a terrible offer like this.

(I also posted about this on my Twitter:… )

Here are the images of the email correspondence. The person tries to sway artists with his well-written email and promise of free software. He's not taking no for an answer but seems otherwise "composed", though the red flags are still there.
Here's where things start to get ugly and reveal why artists shouldn't accept such offers. Good for a laugh though.
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Now things start getting weird. So much for composure.

Please, do not sell yourself short as an artist and do NOT accept unpaid work. You never know what you're really getting into.

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msh Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
Oooh your art is so detailed and unique :3 Beautiful work you have here n_n
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Kool! Very kool! Me will keep in touch, I will! *Runs away, hitting wall before going 10 feet*
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Fwee! Glad you like the pic I did for our art trade ^_^ I look forward to seeing your half, no rush though, I know what it's like to have alot of school work to do *stomps all over her project brief sheets* DIE DIE DIE!!
damie-m Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003  Professional General Artist
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i like your art alot, you are a very talented artist. keep up the great work. i really admire your work. so i devstalk ya now.
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