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Sooo, I've been quite inactive on DeviantArt.. I've only been posting /some/ drawings.. :\
But I've got my reasons, since I have finals in a week and I haven't had any time this year to draw stuff.. D:
As soon as my finals are over I'll start drawing a whole lot more, promise! ^U^; :la:
My mother has just finished my Morgiana cosplay :la: ! She made the dress and I made the ankle shackles myself. ^^;
Very proud of the results, I already have some pictures but they're not good.. :XD:
But, I'm going to an Anime convention in Zoetmeer on Saturday 16 November, so I'll take some pictures there! *^*
My ultimate wish is to find a Jamil cosplayer, but that'll never happen.. >.> 
Why doesn't anyone like Jamil the way I do?!?! D:
He's so handsome and his personality is so fhfhhgnnhhhh. ;////; !!!~

Oh, I'm getting off track.. Woops! :XD:....
Anyways, pictures will be comin' soon for those who care. ^-^
Hii theree~

I know I've been inactive, I also had my reasons for that.. But I'm going to try and draw more :/..
I just don't have a good computer for it at the moment, I have a laptop and stuff, but it's really slow and doesn't even have Photoshop. *SIGH*
At least I know WHAT I want to draw <3 :

Konan in Edo Tensei.
Konan, Mei Terumi, Kushina and Tsunade together.
Sasori & Konan.

Don't even bother yourself to ask why I chose all these things to draw, it are things I once made promises about on Twitter.
Speaking of, feel free to follow either my personal account -> @gambraaah
Or my Konan RP Account to Roleplay with me ^^; -> @xLadyAngel_

I'll be more active on there than on Deviantart. Anyways, peace out.. Or something. :XD:
I'm thinking about temporarily quitting to make drawings of my OC's.. and start drawing Canon Characters instead o:
I had somuch fun with my drawings of Konan:… :D
Aaand now I'm totally addicted to a new Anime called Magi ^^;
(I'm totally in love with Jamil, I can't help it... he's just so... hghghghhg >//u//< ~)
Sooo, this fangirl decided to draw Jamil! :D

Might digitally colour it in when I get on my computer once :la:
Aaand I'm not as active on DA, I know, I'm sorry.. ):
So feel free to Follow me on Twitter: @SnatchingJamie
Add me on Facebook:
Or add my Skype: SnatchingJamie

[Flies off #LikeANinja.] Byebye minna-san :heart: <3
I know there aren't any good pictures of my cosplay yet, it's because I haven't gotten time to make 'em yet! And I don't really have friends living nearby that cosplay aswell and that could make pictures.. :(
But I'm going to an Anime convention on February 10th! So I promise to make pictures there :D
And (ofcourse) I'll upload 'em to DA :la:
I'm really looking forward to 'Tsunacon.' (The Anime convention.) To /finally/ see all my friends again :)
And I'll start drawing again later, I still want to make a Fanart of Jamil.. I'm so in love with him...
I mean.
Yeah I've said what I wanted to say, I'll stop talking so I can go back to fangirling about fictional characters again.
G'bye! :heart: x
I'm bored and I'd love to do an art-trade with someone.. :D Who wants?
(Only the first person to reply on this.)
Hmh, I've decided to start doing more fanarts of Naruto. :XD: Since I've always drawn my OC's, but I figured out how much fun it is to draw CANONs. :la: ~
So if you want to commission any, feel free..! I'd only appreciate it. :meow:. Since I have to work really hard on my anatomics... :iconmingplz: It's just terrible.
Anyways, I'm going to make a Kushina x Minato fanart now, since it's my favourite couple in Naruto!~ :la:
(And NaruHina, too :XD:)

(BTW) What do you guys think?! Because (to my opinion.) This SoundTrack from Harry Potter fits Konan perfectly..!…
Lemme know your opinions please =w= ~