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Hi, how are you? Hope you're doing well. Since we're all most likely going to be hermits now, I'm going to spend more time being here as I should have been lol. If interested, I have commission details posted right below!

- Nai



I'm open for commission!


It's currently a dangerous time for contact and distribution to occur, so my work will be digitally based. If the stupid friggin' virus goes away, I will hopefully be open for Prints and Traditional Art projects.


  • Make sure to have a concept down and at least 1 reference (more is better!)

  • I will provide a sketch, so you can lmk changes you want.

  • You own the work you paid for, but you do not own the right for credit or commercial use unless paid properly.

  • I'm currently limited from furry and mecha styles along with complex backgrounds like detailed landscapes and architecture.

  • Pay 30% forward if satisfied by preview (provided when work is 90% finalized) and the rest of it when the file is sent fully to you. This is done for you LMK if any more changes are needed before the full transaction. I want to trust you and for you to trust me, too

  • All payments are done through Venmo or PayPal.

  • Commissioner can modify work for personal use, repost with credit (proper tag or lin

  • Commissioner cannot claim work or refuse to give credit, directly profit from my work without contact/proper pay, or post it elsewhere without credit.

  • Purchasing commercial rights* will double (2x) the original price. It is known as copyright infringement if you decide to reproduce my work without consulting me and providing proper payment.


It will differ in terms of difficulty, resources provided, time, and materials. Currently, my minimum wage is set at $3.00 and will go higher as I gain experience and consistent quality work. However, we can also work out a fixed price if that's best for your situation.

Current Equipment/Materials

  • iMac 21.5" = $300.00

  • Wacom Intuos 5 (Small) = $130.00

  • Range of Time on Digital Painting = 6-20+ hours

Other Charge

  • Reference = $10.00 additional flat fee (so provide some!)

How $ is Determine

$3.00(per Hour Spent)

+ 1.5%(per Equipment Cost/Materials)

+ $10.00 [if you didn't provide reference]


= Money n Coins (Thank you!!!)

Note that I'm still figuring out my style b/c I literally cannot stick to ONE. FRIGGIN. THING. Digital painting is difficult until you find what brushes work best and if you know your way around the software. Funnily enough, the one thing I'm 99% struggling with is the stupid brush. I probably fricked up my Photoshop settings and I have no clue how to fix them.

Lord save me. Laugh

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone,


P.S. I'm more active on my Instagram account, so follow or DM me @nai_pf

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Hey Reader. How you doing? Was 2013 fast or slow? Was it happy or depressing? Did everything go smoothly? How was your New Year's celebration? I know I'm asking too many questions. Sorry, but I'm curious. ~chitandapoutplz ( My 2013 was...something. There's been a family fight, job problems, stress, school, and lastly life on the internet where my other self lives. It's been fun really. 2013 was alright, but my family doesn't have that high energy aura. It's sad. Our atmosphere has changed after we came from Philippines to USA. It's been hard, but we all managed to go through our tough times. :iconderpyrockleeplz: I wish I was as active
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Black is the color of the night sky On the day you said your last goodbye. Black is for the color of the tears I cried, that destroyed my hope, and made me die inside. Black is for the color of the nightmares I had. Full of horrible, and ongoing images so sad. Black is the color of when a man dies and is laid low. He breathes his last words and said no more. Black smells like smoke, that destroys a man's well-being and turn to black. Black is for the color of the times you lied, talking behind my back with comments so snide. Black is an endless mystery, As it lives through nameless history. Black is the unknown waiting to be discovered,
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Thanks for the fav :)

Thanks for the watch! :)

Of course! I found you through a video on youtube. I forgot what channel it was but they review artists that people recommend to them. You caught my eye hahaha

I was in a video on YouTube?? huh. weird. :)

Thanks for the fav.
Hello I was just reaching out to you to spread the word of my patreon account

(If you arent familar with Patreon its a site for creators to get support from people who either believe in them and want to see them succeed in what they are doing so they donate to support the cause or love their work so much and would like something in return from them and donates monthly to help them get to where they need to while at the same time being rewarded for doing so.)

I'm trying into get support to follow my dreams and create feature length animations and help aspiring artists learn art and animation. Even 1$ would make a huge difference ! ^_^

If you can check it out it would be amazing also i need your help for suggestions on any perk you would like to see added that'll make it better
Alright, thanks for telling me this. Hopefully u continue ur work cuz it looks amazing so far with ur friends helpin' out. :iconclassysipplz: I'll support you somehow at some point when I actually get da moneyz lol.