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Nintendo Alignment Chart

This was fun to do. The 9 squares represent the 9 alignments in Dungeons and Dragons. I rarely played D&D but I liked the whole concept.

I based the alignments off the Brawl roster and voila!

Download if you can't read text.
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Meta Knight's a Lawful Neutral?

I'm sure as heck not complaining.

(I took an Alignment quiz and I got Lawful Neutral both times I took it.)
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Ganondorf Chaotic Evil and bowser Lawful evil?
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how can you do a similar theme like this? The download from a chart I got. But what about filling in the blanks?
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That is a perfect definition of Neutral Good in my book. That's how I saw myself in the army. Did I succeed? Well that's something else entirely. Do something supposedly amoral or nuetral but try hard to have your own private twist on it. You can do business and feel good about yourself when you go to sleep.
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Why is Pikachu True Neutral if all it does is follow orders? Wouldn't that be Lawful Neutral?
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Lawful would mean that they follow some set of rule or "Law" that they believe in themselves. Since a pokemon just follows what it's trainer does, it wouldn't make sure for Pikachu to be "Lawful Neutral".
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Lawful means you believe in the value of order and societal coherence, as opposed to individuality (which is the "chaotic" belief). It does NOT mean you need to believe that the particular laws you follow are just or good, or that you need to believe in them yourself; the idea that "The King makes bad laws, but we still need to follow them because they're the laws" is a very "lawful" position. It's a belief in the importance of laws regardless of the details of those laws. The acknowledgment that the function of your entire existence is to follow someone else's orders is a pretty "lawful" perspective, and not too dissimilar from the "unhappy but obedient peasant" example I gave earlier.
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I don't know, Ganondorf strikes me more as the Lawful Evil villain. He takes over a rules Hyrule for the sake of ruling Hyrule not for destroying it. And of course in Wind Waker we get some more motivation for him.
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Well...except when he rules, nothing but chaos and destruction happens to the place. Little, if anything, is noted about laws enacted, taxes levied, etc. Bad stuff runs rampant, the end. Regardless of anything he *might* have said to the contrary (which I can't recall anything to support lawful behavior off the top of my head),he's consistently shown and behaved as one who is only interested in one thing, and that's power. Gobs of it, in all forms, obtained through any means without restriction or regard to anyone or anything but himself. I wouldn't say there's any real "law" behind his actions.
Generalobiwankenobi7's avatar
Darkness certainly but he still encompasses total domination rather than absolute destruction.

Look at Scar from the Lion King. He's lawful evil as well, the land died under his reign. Those monsters Ganondorf has are his soldiers used to control the people of Hyrule.

Power yes. The power to rule and control, not to simply destroy. That's a lawful evil goal. And who ever said he had to obey any rules, lawful evil characters usually just use rules to get what they want. He used trickery to take the Triforce, same with his other incarnations.
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now, with most alignment things like this, i see A LOT of flaws, but this is pretty accurate! though Samus is a bounty hunter, and seems a bit more chaotic, but whatever.
Nice work with Meata Knight btw, that one made scene.
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Nice One! I think I'll do one like that with the missing chars!
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Awesome stuff
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Same person owns both accounts.
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Mind if i use this as a desktop background?
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ok... question

if someone had power... and they used it to make people do what they wanted, like controling them for their own amusement... what alignment would that be?

and if a girl abused another girl for her own pleasure, would that be the same alignment? or other?
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Yeah, they'd both be Chaotic Evil in my opinion.
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I had a feeling...
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It's neutral evil, considering they commit vile deeds for their own purpose.
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I really dig this! =D

Also, do you have a template or something for the alignment chart? I'd like to make one, too. XD
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... I understand this completely. It's sad, really. lol

I especially like Meta Knight's and Bowser's alignment descriptions. It suits them well.
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Gosh, you're a nerd.
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