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Photomanipulation Tutorial

This is sucky I know. Im sleepy. and I didn't proof read it. any questions and errors tell me.

*faestock ~SheisprettyStock ~VenomMistress *kime-stock

The Finished deviation [link]

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How do I color a bit of pic without losing the texture? D: I use GIMP and Photo shop pro X1
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There is a tiny bit of pink background under her arm... Other than that, it's pretty good! :)
NajlaQamber's avatar
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awesome tutorial
kiiroi-suki's avatar's a good work...
i like it so much...
since i'm just a newbie in photomanipulation....
NajlaQamber's avatar
THank you and good luck.
princesskhym's avatar
thank you so much~! i've been trying hard myself how to this one until i found your tutorial. thanks
NajlaQamber's avatar
your very welcome :heart: I'm happy to help!
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have a nice day ^__^
MayModelStock's avatar
good job on the manip
i'be got some stock
and I take request
if you are interested :)
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u know what, u forgot to erase a small part of red curtain ! :) u can see it when u look between her right arm and body.

great tutorial by the way, helped me a lot !!
NajlaQamber's avatar
LOl omg yea! i noticed it sometime ago Im too lazy to fix it.~ haha

I'm glad you found this useful.~
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I just got photoshop and am trying to use it.
When I drag the image to the background, it ends up being really magnefied. How do I fix this :(?!
NajlaQamber's avatar
hmm... could you send me a link to a screenshot of what you mean?
lol maybe you already know whats wrong with it since i'm replying really late. sorry~~
I just started working ~
goldmedalribbon's avatar
ya i did figure it out :)
but thanks anyway :hug:
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This is actually the first tutorial I've found that deals with the application of other dress/fabric material into the manipulation. While in the first part, I'm more likely to use photoshop's layer masks to eliminate the model's background (I always find that I may have erased something far beyond my history list in high res pictures). Even with that, I will try your method the next time I'm not happy with the skirt of a model's outfit. Thank you :)
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beautiful tut! I love it!! :D
NajlaQamber's avatar
I'm glad! thankyou!
MayModelStock's avatar
your welcome!
hmph.. I am really bad at manipulating photos, I would really appriciate it if you could look through my album and tell me good ways and HOW to manipulate my photos,

if that's okay with you! :D
im a little stuck =[ at the textures bit, cant seem to do it =[ can you give a little advice? <3
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