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Carpet Burrito by Naivax-Maundrell Carpet Burrito :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 9 1
The 'Entity'
But, there can't really be nothing if there's something, right? It's a bit silly to quote a fictional book but I'm going to anyway. According to the fae of the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, things don't just pop into existence. Nothingness is impossible. There is always something and, therefore, are only two states. Simply stasis and change. When applied with the creation myth of God creating the heavens and the earth.... it doesn't blend very well to say the least. So what if, for instance, that God is basically a collection of energy that, through some unknown event, became sentient...?
This, now self-aware, entity begins to explore through the vastness of space and time. Now, being such a huge accumulation of energy, crossing distances is fairly simple. However, there appears to be a huge amount of nothing. Until at some point the entity comes across some that was not just empty space. It was..substance..something tangible...something that was not nothing. And after much obser
:iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 3 6
Stained Glass 3 by Naivax-Maundrell Stained Glass 3 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Stained Glass 2 by Naivax-Maundrell Stained Glass 2 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 8 0 Stained Glass 1 by Naivax-Maundrell Stained Glass 1 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 1 0 Around Florence 7 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 7 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Itty Bitty Clochette by Naivax-Maundrell Itty Bitty Clochette :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Around Florence 6 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 6 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 1 2 Around Florence 5 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 5 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 6 2 Around Florence 4 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 4 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Around Florence 3 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 3 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 3 0 Around Florence 2 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 2 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Around Florence 1 by Naivax-Maundrell Around Florence 1 :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 3 0 Perseus with Medusa's Head by Naivax-Maundrell Perseus with Medusa's Head :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 2 0 Perseus' Pedistal by Naivax-Maundrell Perseus' Pedistal :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 3 0 Medusa's Corpse by Naivax-Maundrell Medusa's Corpse :iconnaivax-maundrell:Naivax-Maundrell 3 0




Stole from Linkaton

Lost your virginity?


Lost someone close to you?
Not too many? My family tends to live long lives.
Great Grandma Nez when I was ...14 or 15? I think it was some sort of complications or infections. She wasn't in the best of care when she left.
Aunt Peggie. I was ...11 or 12 and think she died from complications with the Hantavirus. (She'd been cleaning a lot of dirty houses and some how contracted it.)
Great Grandma Martindale. I was 9 or 10? I'm not sure. I'm thinking it was trouble with Diabetes. I'm not 100% sure.
Great Grandma Snarr. She passed away when I was 18-ish? I'm not sure on cause of death.
Great Grandpa Snarr. I was probably 19. Not sure of his cause of death.

Consumed alcohol?
7 or 8 yrs. Accidentally took a sip of Grandpa's whiskey, thinking it was apple juice.

Received a kiss?
All the time. But romantically? ...Fourth grade, I think. My first "girlfriend."

Went to the hospital?
15 and 16/17. Just minor procedures done for ingrown toenails. (Yeah, it was gross.)

Had a broken heart?
Once or twice. In fourth grade. (If you count puppy love.) And I suppose when I was 19 when I broke up with my girlfriend. It's a little ass-backwards but just because you aren't romantically interested in them, doesn't mean that they are a bad person or did anything wrong. It's hurts to hurt your friends.

Lost a pet?

Snoop. My first pet dog. Literally lost him. He took off one day because someone left the gate open. (Although, now that I think about it, it's entirely possible that my parents just took him back to the pound or something. He had a habit of getting into the garbage.)

Went to a concert?
17 or 18 Went to go see Matchbox 20 along with Alanis Morissette.

Met someone famous?
Hmm...22 yrs. I didn't so much as meet someone as I was just within sniffing distance of a couple people. But I was at Salt Lake City ComiCon. So..yeah. xD

Got in a car wreck?
Once when I was 13 or so. Some teenager high on something slammed into us when we were making a left turn. 
And recently, I was on my way to work when I lost control of my car (it was pretty slick on the roads) and I drifted into the next lane and bumped into a giant ..garbage truck, I think? xD He didn't even notice and kept going. I spun off the road. Almost landed in the ditch but the snow slowed me down. I was still stuck. Luckily a guy in his car helped pull me out and I was able to get home. (Only a busted rear side window and broken tail lights. Later I discovered that my rear hatch door was skewed and doesn't shut right.)

Dyed your hair?
I was in Junior High when I dyed it black for Halloween. I was probably 14.

Flew on an airplane?
EDIT: 17! I was 17! Just out of high school.
19 years. It was a graduation present of sorts. My siblings and I flew from Salt Lake City to New York. From New York to Paris, France. From France to Rome, Italy. (And then back the same way again.)

Went to another state?
Um...6 or 7? Maybe younger. I have relatives in Arizona, Idaho, and California. 

Got a tattoo?

Had a piercing?

Smoked pot?

Smoked a cigarette?
Third grade? I had some unsavory friends at the time.

Went to Disney Land or World?
Disney World. I was hm... it was in 2007, so 15 years old.

Broke a bone?

Had a long term relationship?
The longest relationship I've had is 2 years. I was 17.

Passed out from drinking?
Not applicable. Never drank enough to cause passing out.

Were dumped?
Uh...13? but it wasn't an exactly an invested relationship.
  • Listening to: Not sure.
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: Dungeons and Dragons
  • Eating: Butterfinger shake
  • Drinking: Powerade/Lemonade mix


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The Master of Weird
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Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium - Large
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Favourite genre of music: Virtually anything. Some genres I only make exceptions for specific songs.
Favourite style of art: Detail. I love detail. But I do like simple little doodles as well. Oh and blood, gore, violence. The usual.
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate.
MP3 player of choice: A new iPod Touch, but preferably a ZuneHD.
Shell of choice: Not applicable.
Skin of choice: Not applicable.
Favourite cartoon character: Ha! You speak as if I could only choose one!
Personal Quote: "Almost nothing is impossible. Probability is the real enemy." (We have to allow for the possibility for things to be impossible, right?

Should you have itch to know more, send a note. :3 I'll be happy to answer any the best of my knowledge.


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