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At one day Orion escorted Morgan to a dragon refuge. They met a magician in a fancy gown. It was clearly to see that this man had a higher rank under the magicians. He prowled proudly, letting everyone share his wealth of knowledge about dragons.
Orion leaned down to Morgan and whispered: "It'll be interesting right away." For he had already seen the dragon, who crept behind the magician grinning with a raised lip. Orion crossed his arms and grinned, too.
Slowly the dragon quietly put his head behind the lean man and took a deep breath. The man looked questioningly at Orion, and at that moment the dragon puffed out the air he had drawn over his nostrils.
The magician's robe made itself self-sufficient and exposed his fine slippers and naked legs. Ashamed, the magician pressed the robe down.

Orion, with his hood swept from his head, stood like a rock in the windstorm and said calmly: "And that's why you should wear trousers."
Hey :D
This is my little entry for the Contest hosted by queenofeagles.
777 Contest - 7x777 points!

I decided to take snippet 7:  "And that's why you should wear trousers."
It's not because there are so many 7 in this contest. I was reading through the snippets and *plop* there was an idea in my mind xD

I wasn't able to resist XD

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Writing by Nairuna
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haha, I love this scene, I never thought the snippet could be used for that XD thank you very much for your entry!