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Digi Paint: Lord Sri Ramachandra

Hare Krsna everyone..

This digital render is of the most awesome personality, Lord Sri Rama, whose fame is spread all throughout the three worlds.. He is the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead on this planet Earth to vanquish the evil off the face of the Earth as well as to protect and teach 'Dharma' to the people of the world. He was an exemplary son to His father as well as an apt king to His people..

Tomorrow is the auspicious day of His appearance.. Ram Navami.. so may we all relish this digital painting of the Lord and get His mercy and blessings so as to make our life perfect and go back home, back to Godhead after this lifetime itself.. ^_^

Tools: Photoshop CS5, Intuos4 tablet
Time taken: approx. 3.5 hours

Hari Bol :)
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wow.. its wonderful. Please post more Hindu Gods like this. :-)
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What a serenity!
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oh.. thank you so much for your sweet appreciation.. m glad you loved it and commented..

may the Lord bless you..

Hare krsna ^_^
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Jai Shri Ram.... :)
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Jay Jay Sri Ramachandra ki.. JAY! :D
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Wow! That's amazing
I like the color palette you chose for showing his calmness.
Great job!
I'm still struggling with digital art. Can you give me some more advice. Please
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Hare Krsna Dipak..

well.. i presume u have a tablet... coz without one it is hell tough and so much tiresome and time consuming to get such effect..

if u have a nice pressure sensitive tablet, then all u need is practice... believe me.. initially it will be rough and bumpy ride.. but u start off with simple 2D painted characters, then slightly 3D and so on... with every level of understanding, you learn and progress to next level..

this is one thing that theory can not help.. only practicals will help.. and hopefully u do know basics of PS.. ^_^

hari bol :)
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