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Asakura No Erina

L'Oni était là et sa seule présence alourdissait l'atmosphère. Tapi dans l'ombre, il attendait qu'ils approchent. Ceux-là qui n'étaient que des pièces de métal que l'on rejette d'un revers de la main, les pions d'une partie d'échec déjà jouée. Mais contre toute attente, dans l'obscurité grandissante du Val, des lames inattendues allaient prendre la parole.

" Je suis Erina du clan Asakura..."

Hope you like it :rose:

Asakura No Erinã is a original character of mine.

Edit : nouvelle version, j'ai affiné des détails :-)




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Thank you so much for your beautiful stock!!

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Beautiful work!!!!
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Thanks for sending me the link to your work... but I must say that I'm a bit upset that you used my costume and hairstyling and put another head on top of it....
Actually in my Stock Rules is a sentence in which I claim that I don't like this kind of composing:

I'd rather not like to have my head or limbs to be cut off. Please consider that I put a lot of time and money into my stylings and clothes and I think it's rather rude to cut off my head and put yours or another ones on the rest

well, you already made this kind of work... so I will tolerate it this time... but PLEASE next time, read the stock rules properly BEFORE you use some of my stockpictures! If you don't like my face than don't use my stockpictures!
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I understand and I'm sorry ...

I found your stock when I had finished the character, I had to complete the outfit and I wanted an Asian woman.

I didn't want to offend you, I already made this kind of work... It's not against you... I'm very sorry. You are very pretty and your stock is beautiful.

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wow nice work honey , :glomp:
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Beautiful work!
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Merci beaucoup :)
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Beautiful work with the stock and merging it all into an amazing picture!
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Than you dear :rose:
I'm happy that you like :kiss:
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You're welcome!
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Très sympa, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance!! :)
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Merci ma p'tite dame :giggle: je suis contente que tu aimes ^^
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