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GDW DVD boxes



I was in copenhagen looking around with my classmate Kenneth today. Suddenly I spotted these good, 'old' GDW DVD boxes in a dusty dvd/game shop.
- I instantly grabbed them for the lovely price of 200dkk in total :D <3333

Thought I would show other non danish fans the boxes.

-First picture (on the left) is the back of the dvd's themself.
-Second picture (on the right) is the back of the 2 boxes. good quality of the pictures here.
-The last picture is the front of the boxes. I LOVE the one with Gin, but the one with weed could have been a better picture. maybe one from episode 26 where he's bleeding. would have looked EPIC!
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Would you mind if I used this photo on ? It's so hard to find photos/info of some of these other translations of GDW!