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Angel tattoo

A little bit of my job now. Tattooed by me yesterday, it took one 7 h session.
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very nice work what inks are you using by chance its very bright.(im currently using intenze inks)
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Very nice work.
Peachy-sunshine's avatar
This is actually the best tattoo I've ever seen...there doesn't seem to be a fuzzy line or mis-place colour anywhere. Absolutely amazing talent!
Eyth's avatar
I didn't think this level of quality, color & rich rendering was possible in tattoo art. Just amazing. If it were done on canvas, it would be outstanding. . . but on flesh? Unbelievable.
Rerobinson's avatar
Excellent work, dude.
Elfin-Grrl's avatar
Very VERY neat! This is the kind of thing I want on my inner forearm, I'm inspired
JJsilk's avatar
greaqt job on the shading and choice of colours
Mcnashty's avatar
that is BA man good wrk
trashnico's avatar
without words for explain how is beautiful this work *.*
GriffonGore's avatar
WoW!!! This looks absolutely amazing!!!!
sweetsongs's avatar
Your work is always stunningly beautiful
Maurycy's avatar
Bardzo fajna praca :D taka w stylu troche Muchy
unklet0m's avatar
I don't use to like tattoos, but this work is amazing!
GTT-ART's avatar
That's awesome. Just as great as your paintings
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i love it, the shading in the face is excellent
ChrisPanatier's avatar
Where do you live? I'm coming to get tattood.
nailone's avatar
I live in Poland, so if You will be in Europe, just let me know:) Cheers!
ChrisPanatier's avatar
Do you just draw the tats or do you also a tattoo artist?
nailone's avatar
I am also tattooing
TheNecco's avatar
I love your work. If I could, I would get my one and only tattoo by you~ :heart:
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this is so gouge man!!! Nice work u are my idol
nailone's avatar
Thanks,and Gogue is my main inspiration and influence in tattooing.
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u getting the technical side of tattooing really fast. would u attempt your painting style on skin? ( the many repeated image ) you should get what i mean.

Since u can do that in pencil i guess technically it is possible man. You can create new trend man, i think u are the next tattoo giant in the industry.
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