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RP Character for a casual RP I just joined, fantasy based, no idea where things are going with it here's the bio I gave her:

Name: Snurfle-huff (the sound of sniffing and huffing out through fur) Responds to snurfle, snow, here kitty kitty or any name repeatedly addressed as. Species: Snowleopard - Shapeshifter Age: Young about 3 years, but early mid 20s in human development. Personality: Curious but cautious, likes to play and has no concept of modesty(will probably need clothing explained to her if appropriate while in humanoid form). Grew up alone so would also probably offend her own kind if she met them. Cannot handle being warm and gets exceptionally whiny when hot. Appearences: silver blue eyes, whiteish/beigish/blueish snow leopard, humanoid: long cream hair, leopard spots on skin near joints, average human female 5'4" (sketches to come) - Average to small in leopard form, approx 2 feet high when on all 4s very soft and fluffy - can't speak in leopard form - can purr cannot roar sounds in cat form include hisses, chuffing, mews, growls, chittering and wailing. - In humanoid form voice is soft and low, though gets high pitched when excited she can't really yell. Abilities: Very agile, good climber, strong but doesn't really know how to fight. Seems to be able to use some form of water/ice magic, but has no training (if taught to control would be capable as a healer would have been a snowleopard shaman/healer if she hadn't been lost from her tribe).

Also: clothes do not transform with her, ears are slightly pointed as human but not very noticeable. Also to note in ability can see in low light (not complete darkness, but near complete, and has a strong sense of smell - though weak sense of smell while humanoid)
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September 7, 2017
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