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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 6:21 PM


"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back"

   Red by JonGibbons

my burning heart by R9A   Cordyceps militaris by hoooook   from HUMAN LIGHT series by lukaszwodynski

    Bleeding Mind by ChrisCold

        Motherland Chronicles #10 - throne lady by tobiee   Sympathy for the Devil by tholang   i was so easily tricked out of my dreams by chriseastmids

     Souvenirs d'un monde flottant by hypnothalamus

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 zbh19 by kriegsmaschine

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to everything there is a seasonI.
as a flower or a man,
i shall burst,
and scatter.
as a corpse, i shall
peel away, and
return to the earth,
the air. i'll be in
your lungs yet.
look, it’s not that i’m not
a little bit charmed
by the concentric circles
of existence, and the love,
the bitter, bright and
it’s not that i don’t like
carrying this body that is a miracle,
a miracle in the sum of its parts.
kahlo got it, she knew what
she was talking about –
but i won’t put words
in a dead woman’s mouth.
and the hot sweat of it here,
the pain, the fuck and the sour wine
of it here,
it isn’t really chaining me
down. i’m thinking of
floating away.
did i ever tell you
i’d like to die on my back,
looking at the sky?
in one of those faraway places
i saw from the car as a child, the top of a hill
seen from a distance; someone else’s farm,
someone else’s land. someone else’s emptiness,
a thin line of grass between
dirt and the inf


I have grown winds.When you hear the song
picture me dancing: bloody
and muddy and carefree.
                                     Shave my hair.
                                     Pierce my palms.
                                     Skin my soles.
Not a whirling dervish, not I;
filthy and torn up,
I do not converse with Gods.


.thank you for inspiring.


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United States

.all the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.


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