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✨ Welcome!!! ✨ ⤏ ⤏ ⮚

Contact the NaikArt Team at !
Please refer all business inquiries to Lady-Sorwyn !


༺ Kiribans ༻

Standard rules apply here, simply screenshot if you hit the mark, and send us a note/email!

✯ 50,000 Pageviews: Flat-Color Full Body
✯ 75,000 Pageviews: RPR Bust + Portrait Set
✯ 100,000 Pageviews: Full Body Illustration (w/ Background)

All typical art restrictions apply! I'll try to work with you, but please understand that whatever character you decide will be shifted into my style! i.e. if you give me a feral character, I'll draw it as an anthro character. Etc. etc.

༺ Exclusive Naikstix Rewards ༻

Naikstix (Exclusive):  Firefox (SQS Set) by Naikios Naikstix (Exclusive):  Legabun (SQS Set) by Naikios Naikstix (Exclusive):  Sorwyn (SQS Set) by Naikios Naikstix (Exclusive):  Zombunny (SQS Set) by Naikios

In addition to the other random freebies, I have a full body Naikstix which is exclusively used as a free art reward. In this way, they are collectable and rare. At certain intervals, when a number of these accumulate, they will be released as a tangible sticker pack that may be purchased. There are a number of reasons why these Stix can be awarded!

✯ Birthday / Special Occasion Presents
✯ Thank You / Appreciation Rewards
✯ Trades (Sometimes)
✯ As Rewards for Being an Exceptionally Awesome Person in Some Way!
✯ Pick Me Ups

I try to get to as much as I can, but I'm only one person, and I do have to make sure to take care of myself as well, so if I miss your birthday or something of the like, please understand that this is something I do to be kind, not an obligation. This is almost entirely something that ONLY Watchers are eligible for, and I do not take commissions or requests for these items! They are simply my way of showing my care and appreciation for my friends and supporters.

⮘ ⭪ ⭪ ⭪ ✨ About Me ✨

Naikios Banner 2 by Naikios

⸨ Kris ✨ Female ✨ 30 ⸩
Tardis Icon [free] by CutenessMaximized Realistic TARDIS animated cursor by SuperVocaloidfan4eva David Tennant + TARDIS by beka-azami Avatar - TARDIS Love by stuck-in-suburbia
Anthro Artist ⏳ Species Creator ⏳ Universe Builder ⏳ Oil Painter
Crafter ⏳ ASMR Enthusiast ⏳ Doctor Who Junkie ⏳ Documentary Nerd ⏳ Yato Fangirl ⏳ Stargate Addict

Welcome to my page, and thank you for visiting! :la:
Hi there! I'm Naik, or Kris, depending on who you talk to! I've been working in the digital anthro art community for 15 years, and now work alongside LyssArts and Zorkia as a third of the ScribbleQuirk Studios team, as well as with my NaikArt Manager, Lady-Sorwyn!

SQS Website :
(( Way to go letting me know this link was swarmy spookisundae !))
Naikios Page at SQS:…
SQS Discord :

I'm just a chemically-imbalanced space cadet, trying to show the world what the universe looks like from my perspective. I can't thank you all enough for the endless support and encouragement, it's meant more than I can say this past decade! My art never would have gotten to the place it's at now without you all, and each new watcher and supporter simply increases my drive to improve! I hope to one day inspire others even half as much as you've inspired me. :tighthug:

Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin I'm a Thinker by aznxgreen Don't give up, don't give in (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Focus on Positives Stamp by SparkLum Stamp - Diffrent by Kycaria Stamp: Everyone Needs Encouragement by starfire-wolf I Support Earth by pjuk Stamp Yogi Tea_41 by JEricaM I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin

Buy Me A Coffee

✯ SageBit: (Coming Soon from NaikArt) ✯

Rabbitlogo by Naikios

The Sagacious Rabbit Project

For information, please visit:
Any and all donations for this cause are graciously received, as well as moral support! :dalove:


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