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KTE: Creation of Cybertron

Unicron and Primus. How they did it :)

KTE: Primus Redisigned by NaihaanKTE: Unicron by NaihaanKTE: Nemesis by Naihaan Unicron's rising: Lithone's murder by Naihaan
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Biggest sibling rivalry in the entire Universe
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Yes, light and dark or how I like it Ying Yang

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Amazingly well done. I love everything about it keep it up.
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Thank you, i will =)
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Indeed. Excellent work on this masterpiece.
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I keep watching TF the move from time to time to see Unicron:D He's just awesome!
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Hm... but Unicron in TF the movie is a little bit different from this one :) or I did not get the core of your message?
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I meant just Unicron in general
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Oh, Uni is epic. :) in any continuity
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Not so much in the live action movies though. Those are sad^^;
To be honest i like the Bay movies. They are not that bad like most fans say they are. Most fans over exaggerate.
They seemingly cant take their nostalgia googles of. I am not saying that having nostalgia is bad but it shouldn't rule our enjoyment for stories, movies, cartoons etc..
I have read a lot of comments on YouTube and other sites and what i realized is how much Transformers fans seem to hate Michael Bay just because his "Transformer movies" aren't like G1 or the other titles of the franchise. Many people call Michael Bay " a garbage human being" and other mean and unfair titles. And for me that really goes to far. The Bay movies are just movies for gods sake, jeez. I know that there are a lot of people who troll comments or senselessly hate others simply to get attention, so it is difficult to know if some are truly genuine or trolls, but even then it is simply unfair and dumb.
I get it that people wanted, at least, some connection of the original Toy/G1 continuity in the Bay movies but they have to remember that the Bay movies weren't made for children. Maybe it would have been different if Michael Bay made it into a live action TV-Series instead of movies but i think even if he had made it like that, there would still be people insulting and hating him because of xxx reasons.
People tend to forget that G1, and the other ones, had a lot of issues and continuity problems as well. G1 and the others weren't perfect. And just because G1 was the first one it doesn't, automatically, mean that it was the best one of them all.  
And now with the "Bumblebee" movie, the debate got even more heated.
Now fans love and praise the "Bumblebee" movie to be "perfect or better" while cursing the Bay movies together with Michael Bay himself.
To be honest i like the Transformers designs of the Bay movies better for a live action movie, that plays in our real world, then the "Bumblebee" ones. I love the Bumblebee movie as well, so that no one misunderstands me, but they look a bit too cartoonish (except a few ones, like Blitzwing) and too much G1 like. For me these would have fitted better into a style like the "Polar-Express", which means that the world and we humans should have been animated as well instead of being "live action".
I love all of the Transformers franchise together with the Bay movies and so on but when fans, not all of course, are acting like immature brats then it makes the ones, who love the Bay movies, feel bad  and unwanted. That is how i feel, even though it doesn't necessarily have to be true.
I am sorry if i have insulted anyone but please grow up and stop wear your nostalgia googles. As i said, having nostalgia is not bad. And when i say "grow up" i mean that you should be able to accept new things, which may be or are completely different like the originals.
I am sorry if my grammar may be weird in some places, the reason is that English is not my mother language. I was born in Germany and German is my mother language.
I like the live action movies. People only over exaggerate. The Bay movies aren't that bad like most fans make them out to be.
A lot of people simply cant take their nostalgia googles off. I am not saying that having nostalgia is bad but it shouldn't rule our life's or our enjoyment of movies, cartoons etc..
I never grew up with G1, simply because i haven't been born back then ( i was born in 1997), and i grew up with other movies, cartoons and Co..
What i dislike about most Transformers fans is how they senseless hate Michael Bay like calling him "garbage human being" or other mean and other dumb titles. For me that simply goes to far. The live action movies are just movies for gods sake. There is no rule that a Transformers movie must be like G1 or other incarnations of the franchise.
I get it that people wanted, at least, a bit of the original toy franchise of the Transformers in the movies but they must remember that the Bay movies were not made for children. And now with the "Bumblebee movie" the debate got even more heated.
Now fans praise the Bumblebee movie as being "perfect" while cursing the Bay movies and Michael Bay in general. I find that really unfair. I like the Bumblebee Movie as well, so that nobody misunderstands me, but to be honest i find the designs of the Transformers more realistic and fitting, for our world, from the Bay movies than the Bumblebee ones. The Bumblebee designs are a bit to cartoonish and that doesn't really fit into our real world. If they had animated the whole movie like the Polar Express, which means half real and half animated, it would have looked much better in my opinion.
I am sorry if i write to much but people seem to forget that G1, together with the other cartoons of Transformers, had a lot of issues as well. It wasn't perfect either. Just because it was the first Transformers series doesn't, automatically, mean that it was the best.
Sorry for my grammar and i hope you understand my opinion.
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Is it so much good or too bad? ;)
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DUDE...this is the most badass pic of these two I've seen. Well done!
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are they Brothers 
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god of light and god of darkness
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Personally, if i decide to call them gods i would go for War for Unicron and Science for Primus.
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