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Father of the Dwarves

''Aulë fashioned the substances of which Arda was composed and is the master of crafts and of the knowledge of substances. He delights in the nature of substances and in works of skill, but he is not concerned with possession or mastery. ''
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Wrote you a little something based on this. Cue Tolkien rolling in his grave.

The Silmarillion in a Nutshell (for Nahar-Doa)
Nod Oh yeah. That's definitely the father of the Dwarfs that I picture. You did an amazing job. Especially on his beard. I've always imagined him as bearded just because where did the idea of the dwarf was beards come from? I always thought he modeled his Creations after himself. And he has this really awesome Majesty of a Vala but yet it's different from Manwe. 
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Definitely. I've always thought the same . He created something that looks like him and now he is The Father. Thank you for your beautiful comment. :)
and why else would Dwarves have so much attachment to their beards? And its a joy to leave praise for a great artist! 
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We've never seen any dwarf without beard, you're right. Maybe it is a 'Godly' thing. :)
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Amazing, great details here!
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Awesome! I used this in a post on the "Aulë and Yavanna" chapter from The Silmarillion:…

Hope that's cool!
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You shared my name on it, thats enough for me. Im glad that you chose my illustration for this and Im honored. Thank you. :)
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Wow this is so cool!
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Aulë is the beddest master, since he had Saruman and Sauron in his hands... But good that he created dwarves :)
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Aw, cool design.  I like his crown/helmet.
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This is truly beautiful!
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Much appreciated :thanks:
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Wow. He looks wonderful! :D I definitely see some dwarvish characteristics xD
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I appreciate it :)
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Very cool and imposing :)
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Amazing, the best of the latest three. Fantastic job :thumbsup:
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This has to be my favorite of the three you posted although Manwe and Melkor are so close in second that I almost love them all equally!! I think it could be the amount of detail and time you took and giving Aule the dwarvish vocabulary in form, decoration and background. Although the runes technically came later, it matters not, I think there's a great incorporation of them into his identity. Athough he could have incorporated them to himself later! Who knows. :) What is he holding? An ax?
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You are so right about runes :) I thought that too. But I dont know I wanted to give him something ''dwarvish''. He is holding his sledge (when he was trying to destroy his dwarves.) I really appreciate your comment. :) That means a lot to me. Im illustrating Tulkas now. Hoping that you'll give comments on him too. :)
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