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APH - Poland and Hungary

Yes, Poland and Hungary...
I think, they're so lovely together. :love:

If you have time, please recommend me a good tablet brand, because I'm sick of drawing with mouse. ^^;

Azt hittem előbb fog elkészűlni, de egy "kicsit" tovább tartott. Mindenesetre kész. :)

Background: [link]
Texture from

Hetalia (APH), Poland, Hungary © Himaruya Hidekazu
Drawing © NagyZsuzsi (me)
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© 2010 - 2022 NagyZsuzsi
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Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki / I do szabli, i do szklanki / Oba zuchy, oba żwawi / Niech im Pan Bóg błogosławi.

Lengyel-magyar két jó barát / Együtt harcol s issza borát / Vitéz s bátor mindkettője / Áldás szálljon mindkettőre.

Szép lett gratula!Love Love 
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What in the actual fck is this shit?
Leave my country alone you freak
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You're Hungarian too!?

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magyar vagy!Meow :3 La la la la Hug ur gonna hav a bad tem [[ICON]]Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake h0I!! 
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THANK YOUU finally someone that respects Hungarians

thx soooo much!!!
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He he you are welcome! :aww:
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Horray for historical/cultural ships XD
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I always wonder what language did they used for communication.
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french c: or 2l of alcohol XD
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Why french? 
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because french was international language, everyone from royalty in Europe knew french
If it was early medieval they communicated using latin :)
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How about common people do they speak french too?
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nope, in that case they used alcohol to communicate :)
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Yeah, you really got me now.... -.-

What type of alcohol!? ?!?!? 
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ask them, not me :)
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Polak Węgier dwa bratanki i do szklanki i do szabli ;]

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