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AVGN versus NC

By Nagymarci
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The clash of TITANS!
Barbaric insanity vs. Insane Technology!


Ok, I got a little carried away with this one.
The least I deserve is a fight to remember, dudes!
Black and white version available here:

Originally, it is an A/2 picture, but this file is a bit smaller.
(Original sized might be uploaded later)

By the way, chech out my videos too:
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GrinReaperXHobbyist Digital Artist
where is shitpickle?!?!
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LaYooshHobbyist Digital Artist
Hát ez nagyot üt! :D
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mikichickinStudent Artist
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MadnessAbeHobbyist Writer
Let me see their forces:

NC on a Surfboard, dressed as Judge Dredd, and holding a katana
Optimus Prime
Captain Planet
The Baroness


AVGN with Proton Pack and robot boots
Silver Surfer
Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC Version 4.0 Beta
Shit-Covered Bugs Bunny
Demonic Mario
Noah carrying a sheep and ox

....Well, this will be an awesome fight. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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HenrikhejStudent General Artist
You forgot to add godzilla ro AVGN's side, Prepare to be blasted with bullshit atomic breaths that destroyes stone and a lizard that dosen't bend his knees to jump and land to not cause a shockwave.

And NC would get AVGN's bullshit "Fly-backwards" logic in old games.
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NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
LOL:) I think this was made before the Godzilla-thon, and absolutely sure the fight happened way before his godzilla review.
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Hahahaha - Noah lifting all the animals. XD
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Can I use this for a video please?


And great work btw
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NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
If it's not commercial, and you credit me, then yes, sure!
And please let me see it when it's done :)
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Now THIS! Is the Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny!
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InusenProfessional Digital Artist
Mario kicsit kofordult önmagából:)
Nagymarci's avatar
NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
Mert megszállta az őrdog :)
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TMKK961Student Artist
Looks classic. Awesome. ^^
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LimeGreenSquidHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sweet! There's one thing missing from James' side - Shit Pickle!
Excellent piece, though. I watch both regularly.
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Okay... Batman, Michaelangelo, Pikachu, and Optimus Prime
(WHO DIED FOR OUR SINS!!)... no contest... Nostalgai Critic
wins without a fight.
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NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
Oh come on!
What about Jesus!?:)
DarkAngelofOtaku's avatar
Touche, good sir.
But... I see your Jesus...
and raise you Santa Christ! HA!
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cayiika Digital Artist

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this is pretty badass, and it was in the nc vs avgn retrospect vid :D....but...WHY IS MARIO A DEMON?!?!?!?
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NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
I think it was in the Mario 3 episode, or the Wizard one,
when a Mario 3 cartridge turned into satan himself.
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I'm on the NC's side, not just because I love him, but he has OPTIMUS PRIME on his side, as well as Pikachu, but still, OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!
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NagymarciProfessional Filmographer
I'm with the Nerd!
He's only defending himself,
and on the other hand, Noah's with him.
"Noah, man! Noone fuch with him, not even Chuck Norris!"
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AngelERenoirStudent Digital Artist
LOL, the old school comic book look is awesome :)
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LOL so random yet so EPIC. :D

I love it.

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