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should nagle quit residence life?

4 votes
yes, and should have forever ago; fuck 'em.
yes, but he's up shit creek w/o the free food and room.
no, he should be a loyal scad inc. corporate monkey and suck glenn's dick while he's at it.
no, he should quit whining and being a sarcastic ass; suck it up fatty.
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Yo yo's ho ho ho time...uh, nevermind

:snowflake::snowflake::xmas: Merry Christmas!!! :xmas::snowflake::snowflake:
Thanks so much for the dev watch!!!

i was going to do 4 for my sister...and 4 for the grandparents
thanks again man
in no particular order or grandparent/sister breakdown...

1 - bbtower3 in ny3 - good angle and the lines are crazy

2 - new york0006 in ny1 - i love how the new yorker is askew

3 - pier17 in ny5 - that's probably the typographer in me though...but it's an interesting composition either way

4 - findis in ny4 - i really like the lines in the foreground

5 - ferrybldgsfar in ny3 - again, the framing in the foreground...i also like the wake of the ferry...makes you look twice...the wake looks better in this than the other two

6 - bbcars2 in ny3 - having never been there, i wonder how you got the shot...but i doubt you climbed around the brooklyn bridge like a monkey...anyway, love the lines

7 - sol orange on ny2 - great color...identifiable silhouette...this one stands out

8 - new york 0034 in ny1 - obviously the park...but it's still new york, and if given as a set, a little green would be nice...i like the tunnel one too.
excellent thank you much man. do you know any decent framers around here? i've never framed anything.
this site humored and inpsired me.
Yo took forever but I finally got around to getting a deviantART account...ha!

but what's up? It's Pete...haven't talked to ya in like forever. We need to catch up sometime.

Hope things are good and cya around this wild place.