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Self-Quarantine and The Outside World

By Nagifry
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Update: Thank you very much for the daily deviation! ;;; m ;;; <3 If you like what I do, please consider watching me or favouriting the piece <3 Thank you very much! <3

I missed going outside.

I often joke "It's been so long since last I saw a tree!" with my friends during quarantine, and that's when I visit my backyard, where there's this gap that allows me to take a peek outside. I love watching the overgrown plants on the roof, stray cats passing by, and the cloud's slow movement. I suppose I find comfort in those small things, and they give me some peaceful break from the weird world we live in right now.
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deltagraficsProfessional Artist

loved your drawing and made a 3D version out of it as a personal project

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Thank you very much! Oh my gosh that's so cool! : O !!!! What program did you use and how long did it take you to make that? * A *

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deltagraficsProfessional Artist

i used cinema 4D to make it it was a lot of fun making it im glad you liked it

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deltagraficsProfessional Artist

it took me like 4h i think

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That's really awesome! I'm truly honored that you recreated that for your personal project : o Is it okay if I share this picture to my instagram's story? I'll credit you too of course <3

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TranquilityWulfNew Deviant

Gorgeous work!

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Thank you very much! <333

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MemedryNew Deviant

great work, very tranquil

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Thank you very much! : D <333

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Daan26New Deviant

Excelente trabajo, me fascinó, hay alguna forma de obtener la imagen.

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Muchas gracias! <3

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BleizezERBNew Deviant

this is really relaxing

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I'm glad it can give you a relaxing feeling like that! Thank you! ^^ <3

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DragonCloudBurstNew Deviant

WOAH, this is amazing!! I hope my art can be this good some day.

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Thank you very much! I'm so happy to hear that kaomoji set 1 7/19

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obeseluciferNew Deviant


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Thank you very much! kaomoji set 2 58/67

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I really love this <3

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That makes me really happy to hear! Thank you very much kaomoji set 2 18/67

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AyeshaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is such a beautiful piece! I love it! It's so cool how you show yourself painting in your backyard I mean-- THIS LOOKS SO HEARTWARMING AND CALM ... do you actually have a place like this!? ~ This is my first time looking at your art, and this piece inspires me to do landscape art since I'm TERRIBLE at it, I feel the same when I see other landscape art. Btw really lovely piece! I hope you make more are like this! ~♡
Nagifry's avatar

Aaah thank you very much Ayesha! kaomoji set 2 14/67 Haha, while it is inspired from my backyard, it's definitely more modest than this XD I'm really glad my piece can inspire you to do landscape art, I wish you good luck on it! I still have trouble making background even now, so I'll work harder for my next piece~ kaomoji set 2 58/67

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HeirOfMidnightHobbyist Digital Artist

500th favourite! :D

This is so beautiful, the perspective is very well done, I admire your painting! ^^

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Aww you got the 500th fav! Thank you very much for liking my artwork, I'm really happy to hear that! <3

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PolysiertHobbyist Traditional Artist

Heartwarming :)

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