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45 Degrees Stripes Pattern



Pack of 28 patterns for Illustrator CS3
• Stripes in 7 different sizes, rotated left and right
• Straight line and faux-pixelated line
• Black-transparent, and black-red variations

Illustrator comes with both vertical and horizontal line patterns, but not diagonal lines. it's hard to get them correctly tiled, but I got it tight - when you resize it, sometimes you get messy corners, but there's nothing one can do about it

use the black-transparent versions to get a single color stripe, and the black-red if you need two colors. to change the stripe color, simply drag the pattern to your canvas, paint it, and then drag to the swatches pallete again.

WARNING: For some weird reason, DA renames the AI file to PDF. Just rename the file back to AI and you're ready to go

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Rename the file to .AI, open it in illustrator for Mac or PC and “Voila!” issue resolved. You should have available all the patterns in swatch library