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45 Degrees Stripes Pattern

Pack of 28 patterns for Illustrator CS3
• Stripes in 7 different sizes, rotated left and right
• Straight line and faux-pixelated line
• Black-transparent, and black-red variations

Illustrator comes with both vertical and horizontal line patterns, but not diagonal lines. it's hard to get them correctly tiled, but I got it tight - when you resize it, sometimes you get messy corners, but there's nothing one can do about it

use the black-transparent versions to get a single color stripe, and the black-red if you need two colors. to change the stripe color, simply drag the pattern to your canvas, paint it, and then drag to the swatches pallete again.

WARNING: For some weird reason, DA renames the AI file to PDF. Just rename the file back to AI and you're ready to go

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Rename the file to .AI, open it in illustrator for Mac or PC and “Voila!” issue resolved. You should have available all the patterns in swatch library

joshmckibbin how did you get it to work? It seems that currently the file extension is not changed by simply renaming a file, as it used to be, not sure how to go about it? Thanks
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upload as .zip next time and stays in .AI
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Just renaming the file does not work
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Nevermind. I figured it out.
You have added a pdf :(((((
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Thanks for this. This is great. ^^
nice job thanx!
Tried opening PDF and saving as AI, also tried renaming it, but everytime i open in Illustrator it appears as a blank page.
Can anyone provide me the correct file or a zip/rar?
ps3stalk at gmail dot com

Thanks i advance
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You have added a pdf :/
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Nice job man.
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Nice job man. Thanks.
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duuude it doesnt work
i am now annoyed and sad
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hey i cant use it.....when i am opening it with photoshop it is viewing wieard wieard sentences ....pls help..
i would really love to use your diagonal stripes. i work in CS2 and having difficulty downloading. please help!
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Works if you read the directions. :-p

Very helpful, thank you!!
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