Warrior: Xenomorph Transformation Chapter 1

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Published: March 19, 2013
Warrior: Xenomorph Transformation
Chapter 1: Change

“Arthur, Arthur, come on. Time to wake up.” I woke up to the sound of my mom waking me up at 5:30 A.M. to go to school. I was exhausted; I had stayed up most of the night playing Assassin’s Creed 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Minecraft. It was another day like these where I wished that I could be something completely different from that of a human being. I began my daily routine of checking DeviantART for any new messages. With no new messages, I struggled to move my dog off of the bed. When she finally jumped down, I grabbed my clothes and went for a quick shower. After my shower, I had gone downstairs rather quietly and startled my mom. She gave me a death glare for that and I took my breakfast to my recliner and started eating. I flipped through channels like an Olympian diving into a pool to see what was on. I finally stopped on F.X. to see anything that would catch my interest. When it came to a commercial, I was just about ready to get up. When I looked back, I saw the logos of the Aliens films.
“Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection. All of these tonight at 9, only on F.X.” I was practically giddy with excitement when I had heard those names. I had been an Aliens fan since I had watched the very first one when I was 9. I had many items relating to Aliens, all from video games to figurines, to even the movies themselves. I had even customized my laptop’s skin to look like a Xenomorph’s.
“Come on, we’re going to be late!” mom yelled at me through the door. I snapped out of my daydreams, grabbed my lunch, backpack, said my goodbyes to my dog, and ran out of the door to the car. We lived out in the fields of Colorado, close by Fort Collins, so it wasn’t too long of a drive to Poudre High School. We didn’t have any neighbors nearby and a very large house, so it was perfect that me, my three brothers, my dog and snake, and my stepfather, Cody, all had separate bedrooms (except for my parents). As we pulled into the school zone, I got my stuff ready. I carried exactly 75 pounds on my back a day (surprised that it hasn’t broken or gotten a hunch or anything like that) excluding the weight of my laptop and laptop bag plus a laptop charger.
“Bye! Love you; see you at home!” mom said as I got out of the car and she drove off. Our car was nothing special, a white plastic covered Saturn with a sunroof and seat warmers. Mom had bought it used and it was acting extremely stubborn for a car. After 7 hours and 30 minutes of school, Minecraft, and Dungeons and Dragons with a couple of friends, I left for the public transportation. I had to take the route 9 and route 18 to get back home. When riding the route 9 a friend of mine, Yealan decided to talk to me.
“Hey, Arthur.”
“What’s up Yealan?” I replied as we bro-fisted “How’s your day been?”
“It was alright. Anything on TV tonight?” I laughed at this. I was something like the TV guide for my friends and peeps. I was not only a fan of Aliens, but a connoisseur in electronic devices. If people came to me with a problem on any of their tech. I could most likely solve it. I have been told that I am a faster at typing than my real dad, and he works as an electrical engineer with computers, and that I am better with electronics than most of the people who’ve had years of training.
“Nothing on tonight unless you’re an aliens fan.” Yealan was a fan of Xenomorphs as well, but he didn’t have all of the memorabilia that I had.
“Which channel?” It took me a while to register and process that in my brain.
“If you have DIRECTV, which you do, then it is on F.X.”
“Thanks, which one is playing?”
“All of the Aliens films are playing!” I responded excitedly.
At the sound of my bus arriving at the station, I gathered my stuff and got ready.
“Well, I’ll see you later,” I said to Yealan
“Same here.” Right before I got onto the bus though, I saw the glint of something obsidian in the sunlight. I told the driver to wait for me as I went to investigate. As I came to the sewer grate that I saw the cause of the glittering; I was astonished at how strange in shape it was.
“What the hell?” was all I could say as I picked up the rock. It was in the shape of a Warrior Xenomorph head, but there were no other details except for the ridges on the rock
“Hurry up if you want on!” the driver yelled. I snapped out of my delusion and put the rock in my pocket and jumped onto the bus. As it started to drive away from the station, I took out the rock again and looked at it.

While I was walking to my house, I had been looking at the rock. It was a somewhat bluish obsidian color and felt just like the obsidian.
“Maybe someone made this,” I thought as I turned the rock to look at the underside. It was a perfect replica of the top of a warrior’s head. It had the ridges and everything, all except the mouth and under it, it was completely smooth. As I entered the house, my dog jumped on me greeting me and nocking the rock out of my hands. Annoyed, I threw my dog off of my chest, grabbed the rock, and stood up
“What the hell Boco?” At this tone, Boco drooped her ears and tail. I put the rock back into my pocket, leaned down to her height, and started petting her.
“You can’t do that Boco. It’s going to end up killing me.” After sending the dog to her food, I started looking for mom to show her the rock that I had found.
“Mom? Mom! Where are you?”
“In the kitchen,” she replied “How was your day Arthur?”
“Great. Hey, I found this rock,” I exclaimed excitedly as I pulled produced the rock from my pocket. “It’s in the shape of a Xenomorph’s head!”
“What about your grades?” I sighed; I had hoped that I would be able to distract her with the rock.
“All A’s except for World History, a B-,” I replied, a bit annoyed at the fact that mom had just put that up right on the spot.
“Good.” And right as I was about to leave, “Oh, and Arthur, family game night at 9, okay?” At hearing this, my heart boiled.
“What?! But, tonight’s a special night!” I pleaded, hoping that mom would see things my way.
“Please, every night is special for you, what makes this one any different?” she asked, hoping that I had a good reason.
“Because every single original “Aliens” film is being showed tonight on FX at 9” I spoke with coldness in my voice, clutching the rock tightly against my hand.
“I’m sorry, but the kids want to try playing Monopoly tonight, and plus, why would they show every single one anyways?”
I hadn’t actually paid attention enough to know why FX was playing every single one. Was it Ridley Scott’s birthday, no. His birthday is on November 30, not March 16. Could it have just been something that FX wanted to stay on the air?
“Look, I don’t know why they would, but just let me watch them okay?” At that precise moment, I squeezed on the rock in protest, splintering a shard into myself. I winced, but I kept the pain to myself. I was already pissed with mom about not letting me watch four of my favorite movies, so I just went to my room before she could say anything else and I collapsed on my bed.

I spent the rest of the day until 9 by playing video games and studying the rock. Although I felt the splinter, I couldn’t find the source of it on the rock. Most of the surface was completely smooth if not ridged on the top. I searched a little more until mom came up.
“Arthur? You up here?” she asked. When she entered, I was playing Aliens: Colonial Marines.
“What?” I replied rather bluntly.
“Look, I’m sorry, but the kids are down there and if they watch those kinds of movies; who knows?”
“I know; I know mom. My bros can’t watch it because they’re too young etcetera, etcetera.” At this, mom and I just laughed.
“Alright, you don’t have to come to family game night tonight Arthur,” mom said after our laughing fit. After she left, I jumped onto my bed, shutting off my game and taking out the stone again. I stared at it for several good, long minutes before putting it on my bedside table. After looking for something to do, I decided to go onto DeviantART to find conversation, pictures, and Fan Fiction to read. During one of my Transformation Fan Fiction sprees, I decided to see if friends were online; and what do you know, Tristan was online. I decided to start a conversation, but before I could, I got a message from him on my page.
“What’s down Naga? Lol”
Seeing the message, I quickly typed a reply. “What’s up Tristan? Thinking of nicknames instead of new story chapters? Rofl”
After several minutes of waiting Tristan replied “Yes >. How’s your story coming along?”
Shoot! I had forgotten to write a lot of my story and had been delayed by my brothers and battering ram dog. I had been writing a Xenomorph based Fan Fiction under request from Tristan. I was still on chapter 1 of the story as I hadn’t much time to write. It was amazing that I was able to make a Deviation a day for 1 month and not fail. Now I was being delayed by my own brothers using my dog as a battering ram for the door to my bedroom. I had to reply though and tell the truth.
“I’m almost done and hopefully it will be posted tonight. I’m not making any promises ^^;” After several minutes of waiting, he didn’t reply and I went back onto my spree. 30 minutes into my spree, I started to feel an itching sensation coming from the splinter in my hand. The rock was also emitting a strange, otherworldly light. After several minutes of ignoring the itching in my splintered hand, I had to see why it was itching so badly. I knew it was because of the splinter, but what I saw wasn’t like the red, itchy, swollen spot on my hand that I hoping to see; instead, it was a black spot that seemed to be spreading rapidly. I started to panic and knew that mom would flip if she saw this spot. What I felt next though, trumped any thought of mom flipping over a tiny black spot on my hand. I heard an audible crack from my back and whimpered in pain. I felt another few cracks and I was on the ground, gasping in pain. I didn’t do well with pain and suffering, emotional or physical, but this was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I screamed as I felt a burning sensation from the spot on my hand spread rapidly across my body. It felt like I was being bathed in hydrochloric acid whilst being covered in gasoline and being lit on fire. I felt another bone crack as my tail bone started pushing its way out of my skin. I heard the rip of my pants as a large, bony, black tail had pushed its way out. I felt a pain in the new appendage as it sharpened into a blade. My fingernails started to push out and sharpen. Apparently my parents had heard the screaming from upstairs as I heard the door open. I didn’t care though; I just wanted the pain to stop. When it reached my legs, my shins felt like they were being pushed inwards. After more of the pushing, I heard a very loud snap as my shins shattered and melted together into digit-grade legs. My fingers then started fusing, my pointer and my middle and my ring and pinky. I felt a pushing at the bottom near where my pinky fingers used to be and I felt another finger push itself out, identical to my new talon-like claws. After a small bit of relief, the pain shot back, this time, into my back and head. My head exploded in pain and I screamed, except it wasn’t my voice anymore; it was the screeching and hissing of an alien life form from a fictional film. I felt my chest expand and my organs felt like putty as they were mashed and reformed for new needs. I felt my eyes and eye sockets shoot into the back of my head whilst my nose lost any skin. My head elongated and felt as though that it were being stretched like taffy. After this pain, I felt something move from the sides of my head over to the front, covering my nose, eyes, and nonexistent ears; I panicked as all rational thought was driven from my head as I couldn’t breathe. When I felt rail spikes explode from my back, I could breathe, see, and hear again; my new exoskeleton on my head become ridged except for the front of it. That’s when I realized that my senses had been heightened; I could see even in the darkest spots of the room, smell things that I hadn’t even smelt before, and even hear the tiniest of sounds. Speaking of which, my brothers footsteps alerted me to their arrival upstairs due to the racket I was making. As I was sprawled on the ground, I felt a bulge in the back of my throat and my teeth became pointer and sharper. The lump in the back of my throat grew until I felt the feeling of new muscle growth. Then it all stopped
I was in pain; too much pain to call normal. My now acidic blood pumped through my veins and my head throbbed painfully. My stomach was in knots and my legs also throbbed in tremendous amounts of pain.
“This is just a dream,” I sobbed in my mind. I was devastated. This experience would destroy my reputation. I would be taken to the zoo, put into a cage, or worse, dissected by eager scientists. I tried to get back up from what had happened, but instead, I had fell to the ground painfully. As I was getting used to the new appendages, I felt something go to the back of my mind and stay there. I stopped moving to see if there were any other surprises in store from the rock, which had stopped glowing and had become brittle and frail. I moved my new digits around to get used to them. As I started standing again, I felt my new joints in my legs. I was used to a knee joint, ankle joint, and a hip joint; with this added joint though, my legs were incredibly shaky.
“Arthur?” A terrified voice reached my ears. I turned my now hot dog shaped head to the source and found an extremely shaky mother, a disturbed step-father, a very confused dog, and two utterly horrified brothers. I must have scared the waste from their buts with this demonstration. I knew I would have to say something.
“Mom?” I tried to say, but all that came out was a hiss, making the family jump. I knew that they thought that I was gone and all that stood where their son had once stood was now a Xenomorph. If I couldn’t convince them that I was me, I would have to leave before Cody grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun and shot my acidic brain all over the wall (what wall?). I thought for a moment to see what I could do to communicate with them. After a bit of thinking, I grabbed a pen and some notebook paper and started writing, speaking the words in my mind.
“I’m still here mom,” I said to myself as I wrote in my neat recognizable cursive handwriting (which is one hell of a lot harder with two thumbs and two fingers), earning a surprised shock from my family. I turned to them to see what they were surprised about.
“Why’d you do that?” I asked myself, earning a very surprised expression from everyone except my mom, whom just came up to me and just broke down on my chest. I was surprised by this and thought that she would’ve run to call the police or animal control.
“Oh my god, Arthur!” she cried. “I thought… I thought… I…” she broke down completely and started bawling on my ribbed chest. Cody just came over to me as well and started comforting mom, teary in the eyes, but not crying like mom. Even the kids came and started hugging my new legs, although not teary or crying, but laughing and giggling (over new ways to make my new life a living hell again). My battering ram of a dog, Boco, came over and just started nuzzling into my leg as well. I knew this would be a very interesting turn of events for me in my life, so I just returned the loving embrace, purring in content.
“Mom, calm down,” I told her using my mind again. She looked up at me and wiped the tears away.
“I’m not gone, I’m still here, let’s go downstairs and forget the past, get something to eat, and play Monopoly, okay?” I knew that forgetting the past wouldn’t be enough to calm her, so I thought of just trying to spend some time with family and do something at home.

The rest of the night went as it should’ve in the first place, but with a few “minor” exceptions. After everyone had gone to sleep, I had watched the rest of the Aliens marathon. After the marathon, I decided to check and see what type of Xenomorph I had become. I went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror, bumping a few things with my new tail along the way.
“I’ve really got to control that!” I thought to myself. I had found out how to make sure no one heard my thoughts and how to communicate through them to other people. My keen senses needed no light whatsoever to operate in and I had taken the liberty to check every detail, every crevice of my new body. When I looked into the mirror, I looked at my head first. My head was very rib-like in appearance and my teeth were more noticeable. I had become one of my three favorite breeds of Xenomorph, the warrior, the soldier. I just then noticed my tattered clothes.
“Looks like I can’t wear clothes, or I’ll have to modify ‘em” I thought. As I was looking myself over, my mind wandered to the thing that went to the back of my mind. Of course, with something this awesome, the normal person wouldn’t care, but I was never considered “normal”. Any other person would’ve just ignored something like that, but I knew from all of the dragon transformation and Xenomorph transformation stories I had read that with the full body package, I had also gained the instincts package as a bonus (yay, destructive instincts to go please). I was worried that if they came out, that they would attack innocent people, or worse, my family. Could I trust anything that this day brought me? After another good 2 hours after midnight playing Assassin’s Creed 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines and going on transformation story sprees on DeviantART (mostly Xenomorph), I decided to go to bed. When I tried to sleep on my back, I realized that I couldn’t, as I could break my tail in sleep (that would be bad).
“What could I do?” As I stroked my chin thinking on ideas, I finally realized that I could just curl up on my bed, like a dog. Speaking of which, Boco, my dog, battering ram, and a big kisser (doggie kisses), decided to jump onto my bed without me dragging her up onto it. At this point, I jumped on too and curled my tail around both myself and my dog.
“Goodnight girl,” I thought only to her. She seemed to understand and nuzzled my side affectionately. At this, I closed my mental eyes and fell asleep.
“How’re my teachers going to think of this?” were my last thoughts before I started dreaming.
© 2013 - 2019 NagandEmerald
IT'S FINALLY DONE :party:! Took me long enough :faint:. This is my newest deviation series that WON'T, repeat, WON'T be based off of the awesome video game series, Overlord. This is the result of a conversation between me, Emerald, and the deviant known as Tristanthejawsfan: :worship: :D, and I'm proud of it! It is somewhat based off of his Xenomorph TF story known as "Praetorian" (great story by the way :worship:.) If you have read it, please point out any mistakes that I :cough:, I mean emerald ^^; made in spelling and emoticons. Please RR&C (Read, Review, & Comment) and you will get a cookie :cookie:! Until then, Emerald, Tristan (maybe), and I will see you, in the next chapter! Bye, bye! :party: :faint: :trollface: :D :la: :worship: :bye:
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RaskorDevilKellHobbyist Writer
Hey Nag i finally getting some people to see my work and i got my first watcher and i made my own group and i wanted to Emerald i will crush all xeno queens to prove to my people that Xenos are not a threat and that we should worry about the taken not some parasite but the things that are basicly trying to enslave everything plus i like mocking them with the fact im a lot more bigger and more powerful than they are it's my way of mocking Xenos not you of course.    
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NagandEmeraldHobbyist Writer
*Emerald* I'm not even a xeno.
*Nag* And I do take a bit of offense to that. Xenos are quite nice people, if they were once people. I happen to know one myself.
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They tried to kill my people think that's a good reason to want to kill them when my kind are dieing all the time and may go extinct so i want to kill the queen that is trying to make my houses lair a hive she can't have it it belongs to the Devils and i know you aren't a xeno i just want to see your face when i wipe Xenos from the universe im mean they don't even stand a chance against  me my armor just keeps them from hitting me and i puch them to death and the acid does nothing if you are wondering how they are killing us then they are killing Fallen Children Children i will kill all Xenos exspect you just to see the reaction because i enjoy killing stuff. 
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*Nag* Umm...
*Emerald* That's concerning.
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This is really cool. Made me want to be a Lurker~
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NagandEmeraldHobbyist Writer
*Nag* Thank you.
*Emerald* We take pride in what we write. ^^
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JacobTheReaderStudent General Artist
Where can i find one of these stones. Teehee
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NagandEmeraldHobbyist Writer
*Nag* You just gotta look around. They're hiding everywhere. You'll see what I mean in the epilogue.
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When should the Epilogue be out?
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*Nag* Don't worry. It'll connect to another one of our works in a way.
*Emerald* ;)
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Hi all! What a great story!
If you don't mind, please check out my new Xenomorph TF story! It's my first one on DeviantArt!
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NagandEmeraldHobbyist Writer
*Nag* Of course.
*Emerald* We're always excited to see what people come up with.
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Contain the Rock but use robot containment SCP-3004 "morphing rock"
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dam don't contain me plaes
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*Nag* Hmm...methinks that you are the reason why I found my dream-come-true.
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When I first saw that pic I didn't know that the thing around your neck was emerald sorry emerald if i didn't know that was you
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*Emerald* No worries.
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Sweet does that happen a lot emerald
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*Emerald* Yeah. A bit.
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Ahh and how have you guys been
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*Nag* Busy finishing up the final chapter for Warrior before Christmas Day.
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Really how manny parts are there for the series and have a safe and happy Christmas nag and emerald from Australia
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*Nag* 7.
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Ok, painful but who doesn't want to be a xenomorph? I know if I was transformed into one I wouldn't give a care in the world.Great story
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