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EN :
I don't really like that drawing... Well, it was fine before I do the color. I still post it since I worked a lot on it, but I'm not satisfy. It looks too messy. I hope I'll do something better next time.

FR :
j'ai fait ce dessin sur le thème "royauté/noblesse" pour une animation. Je suis pas fan de ce que j'ai fait. La colo est dégueu, mais une fois que j'avais commencé, j'avais la flemme de reprendre depuis le début (et je savais pas comment faire la colo pour autant). J'espère que je préférai les prochains dessins que je ferai... Et oui le visage c'est pas ça et les mains sont, bon, je progresserai un de ces jours quoi ! XD (mais au moins les pieds ressemblent à des pieds et pas à un vieux chewing-gum qu'on essaye de décoller).
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Beau boulot ! *-* Les détails dans les habits sont super sympa :)
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Merci beaucoup ! =) J'avais galéré avec ce dessin je me souviens, j'avais du dessiner avec mon notebook, l'écran été minuscule RIP mes yeux haha xD
J'ai fini par ragekit, je pense que j'aurai pu tenter d'arranger la tête du monsieur mais bon, tant pis XD il a une tronche pas possible.

J'espère réussir à mettre de plus en plus de détails dans mes dessins, mais c'est pas évident pour l'instant x_x

En tout cas merci pour le commentaire et les favs, ça fait plaisir =)
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Great Work!
when i'm see that style!
Elegancy and modern!
i'm aleady know you are from france
Good Luck with new arts!
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Thanks a lot ! I work on it for 5 days, but I still think it's too messy, when i'll improve that will be much better !

Haha didn't know people could find out I was french just by looking at my drawings ! XD 

Yeah I'll need luck with the future arts I'll make (lot of luck).
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Wow! you work at this art 5 days!
thats why its looks amazing!
And...your skills already looks great!

Baisacly...its quite easy to find this!
Of course everybody have diffrend drawing styles like everybody have diffrend voices...
But usually french people have unique drawing style!
French is a place where nearly everything is a art! say soo?
i'm sure you have great drawing skills!
you don't even need any luck to draw arts like this!
Nagamii-Chan's avatar
Well, that's not a lot, I'm just really slow you know XD ! 
But again, thanks !

Well even if you couldn't tell I'm french with my drawings, you can still read it on my profile XD
Ho, I've never see that, usually I find that every one have a unique style x) but maybe that I don't know that many french artist on deviantart ! 
Hahaha XD maybe !

I'm just a beginner in drawing, I started to draw seriously recently, I don't know if my drawings skills are great, but I except them good enough to make me draw what I have in mind (it's not the case right now).
We all need a bit of luck I think, it's always helpful ! 
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Well ... i'm a slow artist too! I usually usually make an art when i do not have anything to do or if i need to make something useful for me like this glove made for better grip my bow / Art / My-First-Glove-694095794 still i'm a beginner at sewing ... but if you want to WATCH me i will really apeciate it!
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Your art take more time than drawing I think ! XD And I saw your gloves, they're cool ! (yay purple!). I always wanted to shoot arrows but I never had time to learn D: 
And just like you I make art when I have time or when it's useful for someone else (I'm really bad at working for myselft, that's terrible...). And since I'm still a student, working + studying takes a lot of time... :/
But we're both beginner YAY ! We'll improve our art in time, and then we will be the best in our art (or not XD).

Yeah sure, thanks for watching me =) I didn't have time to thank you.
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Yay! another great friend found!
And don't worry...humans in nature are very forgetful and lazy :D
Nagamii-Chan's avatar
Totally ! XD
Forgetful ok, that's right (for me at least, I always forget looots of things T_T ), lazy, it depends of the person (no ? Ok, I haven't say a thing )
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