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This is a group for everything naga and other reptilian and scaled creatures.

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Anything that has to do with scales

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Hey all you snake lovers.

This is :iconsepisnake: here to announce that we now have our gallery organized into the folder system. You are no longer allowed to submit your images to the Featured folder because it will be used for future club activity.

So please continue to submit your stuff to this group, but please place them into their correct folders to keep the organization & help make the lives of the admins easier. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Into the Shadows eyesInto the Shadow’s eyesYou huff and grunt as you stretch, leaning away from your computer where you’ve been trying and failing to get ideas for your most recent fanfiction, one where a naga enters the chosen victim’s room, traps him or her in its coils and hypnotizes them. Unfortunately, you wrote many fanfics along this line and now you start to feel pretty drained of inspiration and will to write. You shrug, save your project and turn off the computer, thinking that what you need is a good night of sleep and then maybe you’ll get some inspiration tomorrow. You boil some milk, something that never failed to knock you out before bed, turn on the AC since the summer heat doesn’t want to die down even if it’s almost October, and dress down, staying only in your undershirt and briefs for the night. You get on bed while holding the warm glass of milk and down it in one gulp, already feeling its magic start to work as your eyelids grow heavier, then you tuck yourself in and turn off the lights, allowing your tiredness to catch on and drift you to sleep. Soon, you snore lightly as you roll on your side, letting the warmth of the blankets and the freshness of the AC cuddle you further into your sleep. Sadly, though, you made one, crucial error that your characters always make in your fanfics: you forgot to close your window. And, since you live near the Everglades, this is usually a bad thing since who knows what wild animal could sneak in your house while you’re unconscious. It had happened before in the neighborhood: an old lady would forget the window open and in the morning had to call the pest control to get rid of a family of raccoons. It never happened to you, but luck this night wasn’t on your side as something inside crawled inside your house. However, it was all but a regular animal: its upper body was that of a slightly buff black and red hedgehog, who sported a puff of white fur on its chest and ruby red eyes, but the lower half was that of a snake! 164 feet, at least 2.000 pounds and 15 inch-thick black and red patterned coils somehow managed to made their way inside your bedroom without breaking the window pane, and its tail poured inside your room, occupying all of the floor and cradling your bed, making it and you look way smaller. The monster stares down at you, a soft grin forms on its face as it leans over…The first hint that something’s wrong is the ominous creak of your bed. True, you put on some weight but not enough to make your bed creak like this. Then, it’s the feeling of the slightly buff pair of arms hugging you from behind and the clear feeling of someone pressing on your back, as if they were spooning you. But, as you’re ready to chase those feelings away, you feel it. A huff of warm breath on your shoulder. You widen your eyes and see the pair of black, brawny arms around your belly, then you look behind and see the weird animal-y thing sleeping with you. You shriek, causing it to open its eyes and swiftly topping you, pressing one hand against your mouth as you were ready to get out and call pest control.“Try it and I’ll ssssssmother you, human…” it hisses, it has a deep and slightly gruff male voice with a weird lisp. Then, you trace down to the intruder's hips and see that, instead of legs, they end on a gigantic snake tail, rippling and rolling all over your bedroom floor. A naga! A real naga in your bedroom! You have mixed feelings about it: sure, you’re scared as hell of some weird hybrid sneaking in your house to cuddle with you, but you’re also deeply fascinated by it. After all, you’ve been writing snake and naga-related fanfics for years, so getting to actually meet one of these things is a pretty big deal for you. You wave your hands and nod, assuring the creature that you’ll be quiet, to which he nods and lets go of your mouth as it looms over you while you sit on your bed.“Y-Y-You’re…” you say, stuttering.“Yessssss, I am. My name issssssss Shadow, little human.” he said, smirking slightly.“I-I’m…” you try to say but he hushes you.“I don’t care for namessssss, human. All I cared for wasssss a quiet night of ssssssleep, but you had to ruin it for me…” he said, grunting slightly as he folded his arms.“Huh? Why… Why did you come into my bedroom to sleep? Don’t you have, like, a den or something?” you ask, raising a brow.“I never ssssssssleep in the sssssssame place twice. Although, your room doessssssn’t look half bad. Sssssssure, it’ssssss kinda ssssssmall, but I don’t mind.” Shadow looked around as he spoke, smirking as if he was planning to take over the place.“Assssss of why, well… You left the window open. In my tribe, it basssssically meanssssss ‘Oh, hey there. Pleasssssse, make yoursssssself at home. Mi casssssssa esssssss sssssssu cassssssssa.’ You ssssssee?” he added then, making you feel quite stupid about forgetting to close the window.“So… You saw my window open, thought of it as a welcoming sign and now… You want to stay here? Like… Forever?” you ask, a hint of hope in your voice.“Woah, woah, woah, eassssssy there. I never ssssssaid ‘forever’. I’m a free sssssspirit, little human, not ssssssome dumb domesssssstic animal that can be caged.” Shadow said, moving closer and pressing his face onto yours, staring in your eyes with his own, ruby red ones.“Do I look like a cageable animal to you?” he asked, making you gulp.“N-No no no, absolutely not…” you say, making him nod and move away, yawning a bit.“I just… really wanted to meet a real naga and… Now my wish came true… So forgive my eagerness…” you then say, looking down a bit and playing with your fingers.The news takes Shadow by surprise: most humans hate or fear snakes, yet you don’t seem to be either. You’re interested in him. He smirks suavely as he moves closer, placing his hands on the comfy mattress.“Issssss that ssssssso, hm? Well then, why didn't you ssssssay sssssssso?” he asks, smirking.“Usually, people think I’m a weirdo for liking snakes…” you reply, sighing.“Do I look people to you? I’m flattered that you take an interesssssst in my kind, little man. I’ll be happy to ssssssstay with a sssssssnake lover sssssuch assssss yourssssself, but… Yaaaaaaaawn… I’m ssssssssspent for the night, sssssssso…” he said, yawning and showing his sharp, thin fangs as he also brought in bed his tail tip, making it slither past the blankets and into your bed.“How about we go back to ssssssssleep, my friend? And, to be sssssssure there are no more nightly sssssssurprissssssessssss…” he says, smirking again as his tail wraps around your ankles, making you yelp as you weren’t expecting this, not so fast anyway.“Mmmmm, your body feelssssss ssssssso warm already. Truly a perfect resssssssting place for my coilsssssss…” he hisses in delight as his tail forms a loop around your ankles, then travels all the way up your lower legs, growing thicker with each loop it took. You bite your lip as the sensation feels 100 times better than you imagined in each story you wrote: the pleasing coarseness of the scales mixed with the squishy feeling of the strong muscles and the encompassing weight make for truly a wonderful feeling against your skin.“Oh, one more thing. I don’t want you to get up for anything, sssssso know that I will hypnotize you once I’m fully around you. Ok?” asked the naga, which made your heart jump: coiled AND hypnotized? How lucky can you get in one night? You just pray this isn’t a wild dream, but it feels all way too real to be a dream. You might burst in tears of happiness as you feel the coils snuggly hugging your entire legs and wrapping further up, Shadow could clearly spread the weight of his coils because they didn’t feel as heavy as they looked, and yet they made the bed creak and caused the mattress to start bending under the combined weight. His coils crawl and climb around your waist, belly and hands, clutching needy against you as they want, no crave, your body heat. You squirm slightly to test their strength and you’re delighted by the fact that they basically absorb your motion and push back, like if your body was being swallowed by a rubber pillow which molds, spreads and adapts to your shape. They take over your chest, pinning your arms at your sides, then they wrap around your shoulders and neck, taking a final stretch and coiling around your forehead and the crown of your head. Now, only your face and soles are visible underneath the rippling pile of coils trapping you.“There we go. A nice ssssssssnake-sssssssskinned sssssssushi roll of hapinesssssssssss and comfort. But we can do much better than that, can’t we?” Shadow asks as he makes his coils roll on you, the motion alone is divine to say the least, and pulling more coils on the bed to wrap around the already made coils until you’re trapped under three layers of coils, each thicker than the other and all grinding and twisting around you. You can't even move at this point: there’s too much weight on your body, too many squishy muscles absorbing your slightest move. You’re completely trapped underneath Shadow’s grip, and it feels absolutely wonderful. Beyond any hug you’ve ever felt, it doesn’t just make you feel comforted and protected, it gives you a sense of safety that you don’t even remember feeling ever, except for maybe in your mother’s womb.“Hmhmhmhmhm… Now thissssssss I like… Don’t you look extremely cozy? Let’sssssss tessssssst out your ressssssilience, shall we?” he asks, the same slightly cocky smirk still on his tanned muzzle, as he gives your body a strong squeeze. You feel the thick muscles compressing around your body, getting tighter and tighter with every second, denying your breaths and your movements. Your eyes widen and your mouth opens, but no sound comes out of it as this pressure overcomes your senses. You feel your own heartbeat getting weaker over time, your ears start to ring as you begin to pass out, no air, strong pressure and being all his. Then, Shadow loosens his grip, making you take in as much air as you need, the ring stops and your heartbeat regains vigor as you pant, the blue shade on your face quickly fades as you regain your regular color.“Issssssss thisssssss what you have dreamed for? Feeling like you don’t own your life? That you are bound to sssssssserve a greater being?” Shadow asks, and you slowly nod as you catch your breath, only for him to grin and tug at your body again, squeezing you again but only for a few seconds, just to tease you.“Well, then I think you and I are going to get along jusssssssst fine, my preciousssssss little friend…” he whispers suavely, bringing his human half next to you and cupping your cheeks to make you look at his smirking face.“But now… Look. Into my eyessssssss…” he suddenly hisses very low. The eyes of the Naga turn, they start to shine in a red light, covered in a ghostly fog, a wonderful shine, freeing your mind and soul the more you stare into it. You playfully try to look away, by closing one eye. But there's nothing you can do as Shadow squeezes your neck and forces you to open both eyes... Now you have no chance to look away. The moving fog and the pulsating red light makes you sink into a hypnotic state, your world becomes numb, only the naga’s voice is everything in your mind. Soon, a goofy grin forms on your face as your eyes become as red as his and pulsating with the same light as his.“Ssssssssssleep, little man… Sssssssssssssleep...” he hisses in your ears, and then your eyelids feel heavy… So heavy… The last thing you feel before falling asleep, cuddled by the tight coils and the reverberating voice of your new master in your mind, is him cuddling next to you, hugging your coiled neck and purring as you drift off to sleep again, the best sleep you’ve ever had, before your new life as Shadow’s puppy begins.The End
The Hidden RainforestThe Hidden Rainforest“Isn’t this a wonderful time to go kayaking?” asked Aledos to his friend Hilary, smiling at the goth girl who replied with a huff.“I guess… I don’t even know why we are kayaking in the first place…” she grumbled and blew on her bluish hair to move them away from her blue eyes.“Hey, it’s good for you, not only on a physical level but also on a mental level. Plus, you could really use some sun every once in a while.” said the tanned young man, wearing only sky blue swimming trunks.“No one asked you. And I like being pale. It deflects the darkness of my soul…” she stated, her voice dropping as she said the last part.“...Geez. But, aren't you happy to finally be using that swimsuit your mother bought you for your birthday?” he asked, pointing with his elbow to her two piece black bikini.“No. No, I’m not. I hate it, it shows too much skin.” she grumbled again “My mom knew I wanted a one piece but nooooo, she bought me this stupid thing instead…” she added then. Aledos sighed, he wanted to lift up her spirit but sometimes it was utterly impossible. Then they heard some splashes and looked behind them, seeing a third kayak catching up to them, in it was another girl, this one had slightly tanned skin, black hair, blue eyes and wore a two piece pink bikini with magenta stripes. She also had a pretty sassy look on her, something that made Hilary sigh louder since she didn’t like that kind of person.“Hiiiiiiiii!!!!” she said, waving her arm as she catched up to them.“Oh. Hi Amanda. What are you doing here?” asked Aledos, raising a brow. They both knew her since she was one of their classmates, the typical sassy girl who thinks that she can get away with anything with her looks and flirtatious personality.“Are you kidding? This is the perfect day for some kayaking. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the water is calm. There was no way for me to pass this!” she said giggling and rowing towards Aledos, flanking his boat and laying on the side of it with her elbow.“I see. Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” he said, smiling.“Oh, I know I am. And I’m enjoying it more now that you’re here, handsome…” she giggled sensually, flapping her eyelids at him. Then something struck her boat, making it rock and causing her to yelp and hold on to it.“Quit moaning, princess, and leave us alone…” growled Hilary, it was her who did it.“Why? Because you know he likes it more when he’s with me, emo? Go back to Emotown, population: you.” Amanda sneered at Hilary, who growled and really wanted to hit her pretty face with her oar.Suddenly, the three of them were enveloped in a very thick fog that obscured their sights.“Huh? What the?” asked Amanda, looking around.“Oh, great… As if this day couldn’t get any lousier…” huffed Hilary.“Fog? It’s impossible. I checked the forecast twice and it said that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky today!” said Aledos, sitting back “Ok, girls. Stay next to me and let’s row back to the beach.” he added.“How? I can’t even SEE the beach!” shrieked Hilary.“Ugh, I was counting on catching some rays today…” Amanda groaned, but both girls did as Aledos said. After all, he always knew what he was doing. They got together and started rowing in the direction Aledos pointed them towards, as they rowed they heard ominous, inaudible echoes of the sounds they made. They rowed for a few minutes, then finally they landed on a secòluded shore line. They got off their kayaks and explored the beach, it was clear that it wasn’t the beach they were before since there wasn’t a soul around, something that Hilary kinda liked, nor any umbrella or deckchair to be seen. The only thing worth noticing was a very tall cliff face standing tall above them, impossible to climb without the correct equipment. They looked back to the lake and saw the fog looming imperviously over the water, blocking out the view of anything five feet away from the shore.“Hm… This reminds me of that urban legend… An uncharted beach on this very lake. And whoever lands on it, has never returned.” he said with an ominous voice.“...It’s just a lousy ghost story, quit stressing me with your nonsense.” grumbled Hilary, folding her arms.“Yeah. Besides, no one should not hear from me.” added Amanda, to which Hilary rolled her eyes. They decided to look around the cliff face, to see if there was any way out of there, and after a while Hilary found a cave dug in the rock and called the others to her. They went in and walked inside it, surprisingly the cave wasn’t dark because of huge crystals embedded in the rocky walls that glowed brightly, lighting up their way. They walked some more, until they saw light coming from the end of the tunnel, so they rushed towards it, exiting the cave. However, what they saw left all three of them speechless: the cave gave in to a huge tropical rainforest!“What the?!” asked Amanda.“A rainforest? In North America? Above the equator?” Hilary asked too.“Wow, so cool! I always wanted to explore a rainforest! Come along, girls, I see a path that goes inside it!” said Aledos, running down from it.“Oh my, he’s so bold and adventurous…” cooed Amanda, following him.“More like loud and reckless…” Hilary groaned as she had no choice but to follow them. They walked down the path and into the majestic rainforest, wowing at the tall trees and vibrant colors all around them. However, suddenly the air grew colder and a strong wind blew at them, then it started raining. No, not raining, it was the mother of all downpours! And even lightning struck down. All three of them shrieked and ran off, trying to find a shelter from the rain and lightning. Luckily for them, it ended as soon as it started. Unluckily for them. they were split up in the confusion and now all of them were on their own in this mysterious, almost paradoxical rainforest.Amanda groaned and wrung her hair as she looked around, not seeing the others. She huffed and decided to march forward, eventually finding herself in a very floral part of the jungle. Everything, even the trees, were covered with the most beautifully colored flowers of every kind, size, shape and smell. She adored flowers and perfumes, so she forgot temporarily about the others and decided to explore this wonderful place, sniffing all the flowers she could muster, and trust me, there were a lot of them to sniff. Every smell possible, none of them bad, caressed her nostrils, from freshly bitter to intoxicatingly sweet and she loved every one of them. Then eventually, she found herself next to a flower that even she had never seen before: a pink neon blue flower with tendrils inside its bud, which made it look like a cross between an anemone and a hibiscus flower. She was perplexed about the flower but also stunned by its beauty so she went next to it to take a sniff. It had a very sweet smell, but it also left her a bit dazed, maybe it was too sweet. Then suddenly the flower kissed her lips, startling her and making her slowly back away from it. It was then that she felt something as thick as her arm wrap around her legs, so she looked down and saw a green tendril of sorts that had just wrapped around them and tugged her towards some foliage. Curious, she followed the direction where the tendril tugged her to and went behind the foliage, seeing a gigantic version of the flower she just smelled. It was way bigger than her, it was red in color and sported more of the tendrils that wound around her leg. They stood up and darted towards her, wrapping her up quickly in a bright green cocoon. She was stunned by their speed and barely had time to process what was going on as they wrapped her from chest to belly, then she was pulled inside the massive bud, where even more tendrils finished wrapping her up. Now, she was cocooned from neck to toes in thick green tendrils, which left only her face out as they hugged tightly her body, a sensation she quite liked if she had to be honest with herself. She saw the pink flower from before, it too was collected to a tendril, making its way to her face, then it resumed kissing her lips while it tickled her face with its leaves and petals. She heard a hum and looked to her side, seeing that there were more girls in her same predicament, however none of them looked scared or confused, but rather happy and pleased themselves. A voice in her head told her to relax, that everything was going to be fine and that she was safe and sound now. She gladly accepted her new fate and closed her eyes, allowing the flowers to whisk her into a new world of bliss.“Amanda?! Hilary?! Where are you?!” shouted Aledos, walking in the jungle to look for his friends. He sighed as they never should’ve splitted in a place where they’ve never been before. He shouted some more, but no response came. However, up in the canopy, his shouts caught the attention of something else. The huge, pink and white head of a huge python adorned with teal eyes made its way through the foliage, dangling down as it watched the fine specimen of human male walking right under its tree. A shudder made its bulky coils ripple as it was amazed by how handsome he looked and the thought of having such a cutie in its coils made it smile. It let go of the branch it was holding and pounced on the surfer, bringing the entirety of its 82 feet long body on him, then it regrouped her coils around him, covering him from neck to toes in its gigantic loops of scales and muscles. Aledos gasped at the sheer massive size of the snake trapping him and struggled to get out, however not only was it completely useless since it was way stronger than him, but it also worked against him as for every struggle the snake tightened its embrace, squeezing him effortlessly. The snake giggled and nuzzled its head on his hair, purring slightly as if it was trying to calm him down. This turned out to be effective as Aledos stopped struggling, which made the snake wrap him up more, now only his face was visible in the sea of pink and white coils. It had also wrapped up over the already formed coils with its bulkier ones, effectively making any escape impossible.“Comfy?” it suddenly asked with a feminine voice, which made him hum in surprise since the coils pushed against his cheeks, making it kinda hard for him to talk properly.“Taking that as a yes, handsome…” she giggled and made her coils ripple and roll around him, massaging his entire body and making him moan in relaxation.“My name is Karaa. What is such a handsome cutie like you doing in this place?” she asked, snuggly tightening her coils, which made him groan a bit.“Mmrrff… M-My name… My name is A-Aledos… Mmuurrff… I-I was bringing a friend of mine k-kayaking to mmmmmm-make her feel buh-better… Mmgghh… She… She suffers of depression and… Mmmbbb… I-If she’s left too mmmm-much time alone, she… Ooohhh… She m-might even kill herself…” he explained between moans as she was literally everywhere for him, massaging his very soul with her bulky, squishy coils.“Aaww, aren’t you the sweetest boy? Taking care of your friend in such a way is very remarkable…” she cooed and nuzzled him some more, then she tightened a bit harder for a few seconds before loosening, and repeated this pattern for a few more times, enjoying his pleased squeaks and moans as she tended to him.“But don’t worry about your cute little head, for I have a friend here who will deal with that.” she then said as she brought her tail tip around his eyes, blinding him.“But we can deal with that later. Right now, I want you to relax as we have some fun…” she giggled suavely as she smooched him while she continuously massaged his body with her chonky coils, making him moan in her lips as he accepted her offer.“Ugh, stupid downpour… Now my hair is all wet… Mmmm, at least I’m at peace here… This silence is purifying my ears…” Hilary sighed as she walked aimlessly around the jungle. She had no rush in finding the others, especially Amanda, so she thought she might just enjoy the tranquillity for now and then, maybe, she could go look for Aledos later. After a while, she got tired and sweaty due to the heat and sat under a massive black-barked tree, taking a small refreshing nap to replenish her energy. She could never sleep so peacefully back home, with all the sounds around her disturbing her delicate sleep, but here? This was paradise for her. She was so deep in her nap that she didn’t notice the long, thick bright blue and dark green tail wrapping around her distended legs. She opened her eyes and saw the snake tail coiling around her and dragging her upwards, into the tree canopy. She yelped and held onto the tail, which shifted and formed a coil on which she was sat on as she ascended onto a large branch. There, she was met with the big face of a dark green python with bright blue splotches all over it, its body was incredibly long and thick and yet the branch seemed to be able to support both its huge weight and her added weight with no issue.“Greetingssssss, human. My name is Orbusssss.” it said, it had a deep male voice, bowing its head to Hilary, who grumbled and tried to pry the tail off of her, to no avail since the snake was clearly stronger than her.“Leave me alone, you stupid snake…” she growled.“Oh no, no, no, pleasssse don't be ssssscared. I mean no harm. I jussssst thought you wanted sssssome company, that’ssssss all.” said Orbus, shaking his head.“Ok, first of all, I’m not scared. I’m ticked because I was napping and you disturbed me. Secondly, screw company. Everyone who wants to be near me usually has an ulterior motive to do so, so I much prefer being alone, especially if said company is the one of a dumb snake.” she grunted, cold as ice. However, Orbus looked all but offended, instead he patiently nodded.“I underssssstand. I can feel in your voice the pain you mussssst’ve felt all thessssse yearssssss. Very well. I’ll leave you alone. I have loossssssssened my tail ssssssso you can remove it.” he said. She huffed, at least he wasn’t clingy like everyone else around her, and grabbed Orbus’s tail. As she did, however, it flexed a bit and that made her gasp. A sudden, strong sense of regret washed over her, noticing how the feeling of Orbus’s scales against her belly wasn’t at all discomforting, instead it was very comfortable. So, instead of taking it off, she started stroking it a bit, biting her lip as she placed it back around her waist.“Hm? You changed your mind? Why?” asked Orbus, tilting his head.“I-I’m sorry, I… I don’t know what came over me, insulting you like that… But… But your coils feel like… Like I w-was being hugged b-by a l-lover…” she cooed, stuttering in the end, which made Orbus smile.“Then, would you like me to fully wrap you up?” he asked.“...Yes.” she shyly said.“Hehehe, very well. Armssssss at your ssssssidesssss, pleasssssse.” he said, smiling still. She complied and laid down on the branch, putting her arms to her sides and allowing the snake to pour his coils all around her, making her moan and writhe as the scaled muscles covered her. Soon, she had completely vanished under Orbus’s thick, strong coils, and she purred as Orbus gently squeezed her, tightening ever so slightly around her barely clothed body.“Sssssssee…” said the snake, getting closer to a gap in the coils where her ear was "Sssometimes we all need a hug." he said as he laid his head where her coiled head was and kept on hugging her just like that. Back on the beach the sun being to set as the legend came true once more, taking three new lives and improving them greatly.The End

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