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Zelda's Response to Having Her Toes Sucked

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Final part to this meme series. I hope you enjoyed it. What each girl thinks during the process of foot worship. Here we have:
1.) The girl whose probably getting her toes sucked by her boyfriend whose making sure this is as pleasurable for her as it is him.
2.) The girl who equates this to rape even if its her boyfriend doing this. He probably quit the moment she got like this.
3.) The tsundere response to it. This would never happen in a million years.
4.) The girl whose so indifferent that she can't even properly express her pleasure in the experience.
5.) The girl who even if she consented with a significant other in this act is still overly flustered by it. If its a predator though, she should kick him again.
6.) The woman who you won't dare disobey in bed because she knows that you'll never find another person open to your fetish with feet as perfect as hers and she makes sure to remind of you that. You do as she says even if there's no affection behind any of this because of how tight a hold she's got on your balls and heart.

Out of the three, this is probably the most fake of them all. Maybe there's some truth to them, maybe there isn't but bottom line is that foot fetishism is still a very unclear thing to the mainstream public, the internet, and probably even the fetish community itself. This brings me to a subject of discussion but that's for another time and place. These were all just for fun. I hope you enjoyed these and/or found them hilarious. Thanks guys.
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My favorites are the skyward sword Zelda and the original loz Zelda.
Onyx2589's avatar
TP Zelda is best Zelda lmao
I wonder how you would convince the legend of zelda one, and the wind waker one to let you suck on their toes after they said no.
AnonIsnothere's avatar
Just gotta have a high speech level

I suggest venturing the capital wasteland and mojave wasteland to get a high speech lvl.
SparkTheDog's avatar
TP!Zelda: Now cluck like a CHICKEN!
zander2001's avatar
BlackPollo's avatar
:D (Big Grin) Zelda's Link to the past is the best.
DJS1800's avatar
Favorite is NES loz zelda
cardfightvanguard62's avatar
I love all three of these! If I had to pick, I'd pick the Skyward Sword Zelda^^
Naga-Asura's avatar
I think everyone would lol. 
zander2001's avatar
I'll pick both skyward sword and twilight.
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I've found in life that SS is the cream of the crop that's surprisingly common if you don't act like a fucking douche.

The reason they're so rare is that most Foot fetishists handle their business in a way that elicits a reaction similar to LTTP and LOZ. They're either too shy and/or awkward and end up looking like creepers, or are waaaaaaay too open way to fast and end up looking like or worse, being, predators or predatory. This causes girls who would otherwise act like SS to hide that part away, because unfortunately you have to be careful who you're open minded around.

The anonymity of the internet sure allows you to find a lot of SSs, but that comes with it's own brand of problems (Such as making sure SS is actually a princess and not a prince if you're a straight man or a lesbian, or a woman who identifies as a man, or making sure he/she is actually a legit SS and not a predator or a TP who will abuse you and take advantage of you IRL.).

Realistically most of the time you're gonna end up with OT's, who are kind of in the middle or indifferent, although depending on how you treat them may become SS later on down the line. BUT, hopefully everyone can get the SS they desire, so long as they earn it.

Because love and affection of any kind is not a gift. True love must be earned, and everyone who's serious about their fetish better Goddamn be willing to put in the effort, time, and patience it takes to find and fall in love with an SS, or even an OT.

OT isn't always bad. She may not be into this herself, but if she's been with you a while and knows she can trust you and genuinely seems to like you quite a bit, she won't mind you indulging yourself a bit. (You better be willing to return the favor if she's got any kinky desires tho. This shit is never one sided.) So no foot fetishist should be too discouraged if they end up with OT instead of SS. Getting a girl to accept that you like her feet is a damn fine accomplishment in and of itself.

Heck... TP ain't that bad either if you're into that sorta thing... if that's really how you want someone to show affection for you or fulfill your desires, then TP is the way to go. They're as rare as SS, but if you need some right now, you can always call a dominatrix... :P

So go for it foot lovers, but be cautious, deliberate, patient, and most of all, romantic (in whatever sense that may entail).

God... I just kinda rambled there didn't i?...

Sorry about that, Mr. NagaTheRomantic. You just sorta brought up a topic I'm rather passionate about, and so I spoke. XP
HDK10's avatar
In all three, I'd go for the Zelda in Twilight Princess!Heart 
Naga-Asura's avatar
Man everyone does lol. 
I would love to see what their feet look like?
RedCosmicDragon's avatar
the twilight princess made me laugh... I don't know why 
kirbyfan432's avatar
Maybe it would be Wolf Link licking them.
luiscarlosbetran's avatar
i like zelda skyward sword same a hinata shippuden and sveta golden sun 
zeke2426's avatar
I like skyward sword
Shmewyy's avatar
"Now Bark like a dog boy"
:dignity-laugh: Laugh LOL 
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I'm actually kind of a mix between 1 and 3 ^^;
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