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Classy (Folders) was created by Gurato: [link] for his personal use. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got permission from Gurato and this is the result.

With the suggestion of TheWiseDj, I took as an example of ffw (fast forward) project done by deusnova
[link] to create the theme all in one and reduced to around 19.8 MB for a complete theme to in approximately 98%.
This is just beginning and I accept any suggestion, please download the theme and enjoy. Long life to open source.

:Installation instructions::

(First method)
Just download the tar.bz2, right click on a free place on your desktop and then choose \\\\\\\"change background\\\\\\\" from the up Menu then go to \\\\\\\"themes\\\\\\\" and just take it from your desktop into this window. This will install the icons and clean the cache by writing in shell:
rm ~/.icons/Classy/.icon-theme.cache

(Alternative method)
Download the iconset [Classy.tar.bz2] into your desktop, extract the archive via right click menu > extract here, then type in a terminal window:

username@your-pc:~$ cd Desktop
username@your-pc:~$ mv Classy ~/.icons
username@your-pc:~$ cd ~/.icons/Classy

Now you can start customizing your iconset the way you want. You\'d find very useful the \"customizing-instruction\" text file.
Once you have applied your customizations, you can select the Classy iconset by going to: System > Preferences > Theme > Customize > Icons, then select Classy from the menu.

If you want to apply further customizations when the iconset is installed, you can try this:

username@your-pc:~$ cd ~/.icons/Classy
username@your-pc:~$ ./ \"the-command-you-want\"

Once you have applied your further customizations, try to refresh the iconset, selecting another one from your list [I always suggest \"Crux\", because it\'s the worst iconset ever made] then re-select Classy and see if the changes have applied.
If it does not, you have to uninstall Classy iconset, selecting another iconset and typing this command:

username@your-pc:~$ sudo rm -rf ~/.icons/Classy

Then you have to repeat the whole procedure explained above.

To share your icons with root, just write this in your shell as root:
ln -s /home/your_name/.icons /root/.icons
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