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Queen Gardenia

By Naezithania
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Purple Flower Meet the queen of all Flowerponies and ruler of Bloomtopia: Queen Gardenia! Purple Flower 

Finally I finished the reference of the queen, it took me so long to get her design done and fully draw it! 
But I am so happy how she turned out! Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] 

Gardenia is the first Flowerpony-Queen. There will be more in the future since a Queen of the Flowerpony species is not immortal.

Since she is the first one, she doesn't have so many legendary traits, some say to stay as close as possible to her subjects.

Gardenia is friendly and caring. Most of the time she is just reading or meeting up with other ponies.
Her mane is very long and sparkly Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 

Gardenia is also no alicorn, she is in fact only a Flowerpony-unicorn. The wings are representing the status of a queen and she can't really use them to fly.
They pretty much are just decoration haha. Poor Gardenia.
Rose's Rose Species Traits Rose's Rose 

- flower matches eyecolor (common)
- only one big flower on the back (common)
- Unicorn-Flowerpony (common)
- vines cover all hooves (uncommon)
- vines are purple (uncommon)
- flower has multiple colors + gradient (rare)
-  vines have other places than only hoof (rare)
- Butterfly/Fairy wings (rare)
- vines cover tail (legendary)
- glitter on flower (legendary)

I will write more about her later but enjoy her reference for now! 

Also, be sure to check the group Bloomtopia out to find more precious Flowerponies!Kawaii fox 
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Oh, she's so so pretty ;w; ❤
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Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
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To be honest I thought she'd be green
Whatever! It's highly detailed and I like it!
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I knoww I was planning to make her green but nah. I liked those rose colors better~
Thank you! ^u^
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I still need some art from her though ;o;
JCP-Jenny3Tears's avatar
Aghh I wish.
I have an advent calender I want to do and don't want to miss each day.
And when im bored I always do base edits, so im not sure
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Haha I didn’t mean it like that. I don’t want to force anyone to draw my oc~ Oooh an advent calender! That’s awesome!
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I knew, just didn't have the time ^^
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Oh my gosh that design is gorgeous! Great job! ^^
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Omg she is soooo breathtaking!!!!! Gorgeous design sweetie!! 💖💖 How do you come up with all these amazing designs? They are stunning!!! ^_^
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Thank you so much dear! :PeachBlossom: 
I am usually inspired by random pictures and color schemes I find on the internet sometimes.
They kind of deliver a certain image and then I simply draw it. 
Of course they take some time, since my thoughts are just blurry and I need to overwork it again and again until I reach the final result.
Gardenia took me almost 1 whole week and she had like 5 concept designs! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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You are welcome hun! That's how i am too. But it's a very good way to do things! 💖
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Yes it is ❤️
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Oh my goodness, she is so stunning!!!!
And the Sparkles, i love it, she is absolutely gorgeous <333 :0
Naezithania's avatar
I am glad you like her! <333
Thank you so much!!! Glitter Vomit 
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Really like the design she looks great!!!!! 
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Your welcome =3
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Good job with the details here!
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