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Nava L.
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Virgo//ISTJ//Slytherin//Lawful Evil
MondoCon ArtDepartment Judge
Bioware Trash
Into turians and gurls
Star Wars too :D



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convention this weekend! *SCREAMS * (basically 4 days)
- cosplay to finish
- concommishes to finish
- merch display to finish
am I gonna die of sleep deprivation?
Inktober Day I have no idea - Halloween

📌Check my patreon for Jaal x Ryder WIPs and moaaaar Bioware and Bethesda fanart x3 Aaaall the inktober’s scanned high quality version will go up there :3
📌If you want a free artsy of your Jaal and Ryder, support me on Patreon with 3$ or more, pick a theme from the Inktober list and send me a message! :3
📌 Get 10% off from non-seasonal commissions :3

Thank you Natsora for the ink which is Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst 😌
Thank you PANTON PAPÍRIPARI ÉS DEKORÁCIÓS ÜZLETLÁNC for the support! Check them out I use their artsy materials!

Art by me Please do not use :3

• Commission me here!
• or here:

Find me here:
Tumblr →
Redbubble →
Patreon →
Deviantart →
Instagram →
Youtube →
so I accidentally ordered 1750 envelopes Welp
I'll have to make some commissions with free shipping what do you think?
Eyes Eyes Eyes 
Be my patron to get 10% off! :D

Paid: Star! No Star No Star 
Sketch done:Star! Star! No Star 
Finished:Star! Star! Star!
.:Bullet:. Patreon
: patron, means priority

Current ones:

Star! Star! No Star 1. Falmaiel
               pic 3
Star! Star! No Star  2. Prodigal Gamer
No Star No Star No Star  3. Ilsudore
Star! No Star No Star   4. Royalville .:Bullet:. Patreon
No Star No Star No Star  5. Leafblowerman12
No Star No Star No Star  6. Roxerotique
No Star No Star No Star  7. Aquade2010
Star! No Star No Star  8. Waffli

*changes: waiting list now will be live all the time, it's still in kinda test stage, but we'll see how this turns out :)
*changes II: the order of the commissions does not work as a queu I follow, I complete the smaller ones first, but there's a set deadline for all of them. For more on deadlines, read below.

1 deviant= 1 slot = max 3 character on 1 drawing =unlimited number of drawings
but I do not limit how many separate drawings you want to order.

Portrait: ~A/5 size
Halfbody: ~A/5 size
Fullbody: ~A/4 size

Digital ones:

Comm Id Dig by NaevissPony Comm: Jaegerpony by NaevissSample by NaevissSample2 by NaevissMass Effect Big Bang 2018 - Chasing the Daylight by Naeviss

Traditional ones - you can pick the medium here:

Commish by NaevissCommission by NaevissCommission for Leafblowerman12 by NaevissDestiny commish by NaevissConCommission for Damera by NaevissBoxing Commish by Naeviss


//A6 --> 105 x 148 mm 4.1 x 5.8 in//
005 by NaevissChristmas Card: Mass Effect by NaevissChristmas Card: Divinity by NaevissConvention Commish by Naeviss

Not available atm:
007 by Naeviss 008 by Naeviss 01 by Naeviss 002 by Naeviss 003 by Naeviss 006 by Naeviss

If you want something else I have these too, click on the pic for more info:

CLOSED* - 10Euro - 54 slots left by Naeviss100 CCC by Naeviss

Terms of Service:


  Bullet; Green Payment first, through INVOICE. I won't start the commission until it's done.
  Bullet; Green WIPs will be shown, only once, it slows me down. If there's something not clear for me, I'll show wips multiple times.
  Bullet; Green You can review it once again, once it's done.
  Bullet; Green More than 2 reviews will be charged, see below for "Charges and fees"
  Bullet; Green You will receive a 720 dpi scanned picture if it's traditional, A/4 350 dpi if it's digital.
  Bullet; Green for traditional ones: 3 weeks, for digital ones: 4 or more weeks the ETA (dont kill me digital takes much more time :"D)

  Bullet; Blue Paypal only
  Bullet; Blue Pay upfront please
  Bullet; Blue I will wait for payments for maximum 48 hours from the time we ended discussing the commission(TIME ZONES.UGH.). Otherwise, your commission will be cancelled.

  Bullet; Purple Traditionals can be shipped, see "Fees and charges" below.
  Bullet; Purple Digitals can be used for whatever you want, but ONLY if you credit me properly (name + link to one of my galleries). Please do so with reposts/banner/profile pictures/etc.
  Bullet; Purple I retain the copyright of the artwork. That means you're not allowed to modify, copy, trace, or any other way of stealing.
  Bullet; Purple  Also please keep in mind, if I can, I will use fanarts for personal uses/selling: redbubble/inprint/etc.
  Bullet; Purple I cannot provide you with the original files after 2 years. Please save your commissions.
  Bullet; Purple If you want it published and use for commercial stuff, you'll have to pay an overall +40% of the commission as extra.

  Bullet; Pink  Refunds are available, only in 0 progress state. If I have started the sketch, you will have to pay for the sketch stage.
  Bullet; Pink If I can't complete it, I will refund you the 100%.

Revisions, Fees, Charges:

  Bullet; Yellow Revisions will be charged, once you'll ask for more than 2 changes. 3€ if small changes (additional props), 5€ if minor changes has been made (re-drawing a whole character/background etc).
  Bullet; Yellow The commission's prices cover the paypal fees.
  Bullet; Yellow Charges will be made for giant and difficult armors, props, animals, backgrounds, etc, anything that I usually don't draw. Can range from 5€ to 20€. See more example of difficult armor in the Final Fantasy universe n@
UPDATE!!! - 10.06.2018
Shipping is only available over 100$, otherwise not shipping. Sorry, I had multiple accidents with shipping out single drawings, I'll not take the risk again. T_T

UPDATE!!! - 15.02.2018
Email ShippingEmail 
 Mail I cover it and only over 100€
 Mail They will be packed in a foil, stickers added, and then put it in an envelope. I don't use cardboards, unless if you pay for their weights, usually commissions I send out are not damaged.
 Mail Mails are always shipped with priority shipping and registrated. 
 Mail Please note that my post office fucked up the shipping rates along with the limits, from now on I will only ship out commissions in a bulk (this needs discussion).

Other things to know:
 Bullet; Red
I cannot and won't draw mature women (MILFS for ex) or cute boys, mechas, difficult animal species.
 Bullet; Red Naked girls/guys in sexy/seducing poses (titties, genitals) are considered NSFW.

What your commission inquiry needs to contain when sending a note:

 Type of the commission(if you include the thumbnail of your choice from the list above, that's good too!):
  Type of the commission: portrait/halfbody/fullbody
  Type of the commission: Flat colors, sketch, detailed etc.
     With how many characters: (number here obv x3)
  Background: Yes/No
  References for your characters
  References for the background
  References for the pose (optional, describing it, is enough)
  Mood of the whole artwork should be?
  You need shipping?

And at last I need your paypal email, and your address and name if you want it shipped :)

How I pack the commissions:

  • Listening to: HarryPotter random mix
  • Reading: Natsora's fanfics
  • Watching: Hell on wheels
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Müller choco reis or wtf :D
  • Drinking: humidity bc i hate summer and it hates me back
Artbooks/zines, which one do you prefer?
Traditional ones with shipping fees or
digital ones that are cheaper?


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