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Ysi Map II, Limited Edition

By Naeddyr
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For two weeks, from the 16th 29th of July 2010, the Soho Gallery for Digital Art [link] is hosting maps from the Cartographer's Guild [link] including this one from yours truly! So if you're in NY later this month, be sure to check it out!

This is an updated, and partly remade version of my second map of Ysi Earth, now with 15 707 500 more pixels! Slightly changed this around.
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You wold make Tolkien cry tears of blood. This is absolutely stunning cartography.
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Thanks. I've still got a long way to go to match Tolkien, though.
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Hey, I think I remember seeing a WIP thread for this a long while ago. It's as gorgeous as ever.
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Yeah, WIP threads are fun... Hm..
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Great work! I prefer this version.
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Thanks! And thanks for all the faves. :)
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Keep up the great job! :clap:
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I forget where I saw this the first time--whether it was linked in Vreleska or in the group, but I always thought it was some amazing work! I love the detail you've put into it--it must've taken forever.
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Huh, it's been linked to? Haha, now I'll have to google it. Thanks for the fave!
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Wow~ This is very beautifully detailed! So pretty<3

And here's a fave you can get. XD
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Very cool. How'd you make this?
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I took the old work files I had on my last version of this map, and then put them all together so that I had a version double the resolution (which was much easier after I discovered most of my work files, even the raster files I thought I had to remake, were already double resolution, etc.). Some small changes when I remade parts I didn't have ready.

The original was like this: design a map in equirectangular, make them the appropriate map projection, then transfer all that data into a vector program where I then had to trace things. In the vector program, I designed all the figures etc. Then, combine everything into one map, render into a hueg .png and import into GIMP where I made some of the parts that required brushes: the trees, the cities, and I made the animals in GIMP.

As a final step I used my "paperisation" plugin (findable in my gallery) to create a duplicate that looks like old worn paper, and then fudged with that. In this case, the blank spots where from this last part; also the "paper folds" which I had to make by hand because I haven't made a plugin for that.
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oh yeah the pictures of humans etc. are human. the drawy bits are GIMP, the vector-looking bits are Inkscape, i'm sure you can figure it out
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Custom brushes... of course!

Oh you rapscallion you.

I wanna make a map now.

And then a globe.
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Amazing stuff, and congratulations on the exhibit :)
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Truly astonishing.
What do the glyphs mean? I can see a solar system, but what's a tree and an old man with a hammer doing in a solar system? Who are those two men? And why is one part blurred? :)
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Some are numerals, most are just random pseudo-naming language.

The tree is symbolic and the smith is myffic, and the rest of the people are part of the story.

The blank bit is there to create an air of mystery. The original doesn't have that particular spot worn away, I took some liberties when remaking this.
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Can you even call it "liberties" when it's your own map? Anyhow, if you really have to know what is in that blank spot, this is the original version: [link]
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Amazing work!
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