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Tutorial Logo Seras Victoria

By nadyasonika
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Here a little tutorial to make a logo in your cosplay of Seras Victoria, hope you like it
more in my web page: [link]
or facebook page: [link]
Thank you all, see you soon <3

-Masking tape
-Acrylic yellow and black
-Thin brush
-Thread yellow
-black and red spry
-sand paper.

1-The first thing to do is cut the parts of styrene with scissors twice each.
The letters "hellsing" are small enough so that is hard, if is so complicated to you dont cut it and in the end with acrylic Paint them black.
2-after all is in his place one of the most important points is to sand all around, so the bad cuts that we made be deleted.
3.-with a knife-edge beams few small holes in the central part of the upper and lower logo.
4.-Now comes the stage of color, with masking tape covering the entire black color to apply a layer of red spry.
Once dry, remove the masking tape and carefully and stick without hitting a lot where now is the red and apply a layer of black spry.
Once dry remove the masking tape carefully not to remove the red paint, if it becomes detached at the end do not worry you paint with red acrylic.
contour and the letters of the square ones you paint with a thin brush, make sure to do it carefully, you only get one chance!
for the next step if you've never practiced before thermoforming homely do some with other non funcional of styrene. never the piece important!
5.-one piece must be thermoformed, but if you dont have the right equipment you can do it by heating it with an industrial dryer or stove.
when the piece are very hot (careful you can melt) push it on a curved surface such as a container or any vessel, whether it is plastic, this will give a curvy, USE GLOVES! are hot!

to apply gloss finish if you want glossy or matte finish coat this will give strength to the color of your icon.

when dry you can sew to your suit for the holes that previously do it , so that do not ruin your suit with glue.
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Nice Work... Thanks,. :)
Find Free Exclusive PSD and Vector Logo Templates at: :)
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thank god you also put in translation XD i was hopefully lost ><
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you totaly welcome :)
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i second the want for a translation
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Is it possible to ask for a translation of this?;;
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Ofcurse!! let me do that :)
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:icongrin--plz: Thank you very much~
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Me encanta como salio : D
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Muchisimas gracias! ojala te sirva para algo (aunque no sea el logo de seras :D)
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Gracias! Muchas Gracias! Me encantan tus cosplays! Sige haciendo cosplays magnificos :3 :heart:
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Aww :) eso espero! :D nos vemos pronto!
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